Composting is an essential process. Not only does it turn kitchen scraps and garden cuttings into rich, healthy soil, but it takes a huge amount of waste out of urban landfills. More and more municipalities are accepting compostable household garbage, and we have been looking for the very best composting equipment to help home gardeners become master composters. Even if you live in a downtown highrise, you can still practice this sensible, ecological art. Check out our selection of books on composting to learn more about how to compost to produce perfect soil.

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  • Bokashi Bran Compost Accelerator

    Bokashi Bran Compost Accelerator

  • All Seasons Indoor Compost Kit

    All Seasons Indoor Compost Kit

  • Compost Activator

    Compost Activator

  • Compost Tea Bags

    Compost Tea Bags

  • Worm Factory 360

    Worm Factory 360

  • Worm Castings Organic Compost ZFL306-1

    Worm Castings