Ornamental Grass Seeds

Departing from the grass species used for lawns, the ornamental grass seeds in this category are intended for florists and landscapers. Grow them as specimen plants in patio containers, or add a touch of wilderness to larger garden areas. Grasses tend to be highly drought tolerant, so they’re very useful in xeriscaping schemes. Check back often as we expand our selection of these multi-purpose plants.

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  • Bunny Tail Grass

    Bunny Tails

  • Cloud Grass Seeds

    Cloud Grass

  • Copper Prince Ornamental Grass Seeds

    Copper Prince Millet

  • Jade Princess Millet Seeds

    Jade Princess Millet

  • Cat Grass Seeds CC100

    Orchard Grass

  • Purple Majesty Millet

    Purple Majesty Millet

  • Quaking Grass Seeds

    Quaking Grass

  • Ruby Grass Seeds

    Ruby Grass

  • Sheep Fescue Seeds

    Sheep Fescue

  • Twister Juncus effusus 'Spiralis'