Marigold Seeds

The marigold family encompasses a wide range of varieties, tall to short, light yellow to flaming red. Plant marigold seeds in a sunny location with well drained soil. As well as bringing sunny colours to the garden, marigolds are often used as a companion plant, repelling unwanted insects and underground nematodes. As a bonus, the Gem varieties impart a wonderful citrus scent and are often used as an edible flower.

Bloom time: Summer to frost.

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  • Brocade


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  • French Vanilla

    French Vanilla

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  • Mowgli Bicolour

    Mowgli Bicolour

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  • Orange Garland Marigold Seeds FL3813-1

    Orange Garland

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  • Signet Golden Gem

    Signet Golden Gem

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  • French Marigold Sparky Mix

    Sparky Mix

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