September 2012 Newsletter

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Vol. September 2012 Good Growing News!

Garlic has been cultivated for at least 4,000 years. It has long been cherished as a culinary and medicinal herb. Modern science shows that garlic has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. It is thought to prevent certain types of cancer, and help remove cholesterol from the cardiovascular system. Studies suggest that garlic consumption may prevent and fight the common cold, and that garlic enhances the body’s absorption of thiamin. In any event, it is a very healthy crop to eat, and an easy one to grow. All you need is space in the garden, and time for it to mature.

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Book of the Month

Beautiful Corn

Garden City: Richmond’s Agricultural Legacy
The Main Gallery at the Richmond Museum will be showcasing the city’s rich farming history from June 21st to October 21st. Though Richmond has grown into a vibrant urban centre, a significant portion of Richmond’s land area remains agricultural, and as such, is an important part of the local and regional economy. Drop by and celebrate the city that very recently voted to go GE-free!
The Museum is located at 7700 Minoru Gate in Richmond.

The Land Conservancy of British Columbia Pollinator Enhancement Project
The Land Conservancy of British Columbia believes strongly in the conservation of pollinators and  is excited to launch a Native Pollinator Enhancement Project to address pollinator decline. To find out more about the project and receive a gift of pollinator friendly seeds from West Coast Seeds please contact Nathalie Chambers or visit the website.

Please support our important work and bee-come a member!

Plant Your Garlic!
By September, there are fewer seed planting options. You can still plant leafy greens like arugula, cilantro, corn salad, scallions, mustards and pac choi, and radishes. But now that the days are getting shorter again, it’s high time to plant garlic. Each clove you plant will turn into a full bulb by next summer. Sow garlic from late September to around the first week in November. Our organically grown garlic will begin shipping this week, and we’ll have a good selection in our retail store as well.

Break the bulb into individual cloves, but keep their skins intact. Plant each clove, pointy end up, about 2 inches deep, and space them 6 to 8 inches apart in a grid pattern. They may sprout before winter cold sets in, which is fine. In spring you’ll see growth really accelerate. That’s the time to add a bit of balanced organic fertilizer to the surface of the soil around each plant. Keep the garlic patch carefully weeded, but otherwise just let it be. In July or early August the following summer, your plants will be ready to harvest. Home grown garlic sings in the kitchen, like all other home grown crops – the flavour is simply superior to what you can find in stores. We recommend planting as much as your growing area will allow.

September Features
Sow cover crops now!

This is a very good time of year to sow cover crops. Add nitrogen and organic matter to your soil simply by planting a cover crop and tilling it under next spring. Let nature do the work, and keep your soil healthy and vigorous all winter long!
Gardening classes at WCS!
 Our 2012/2013 lineup of gardening classes kicks off on September 23rd, with Brian Campbell’s comprehensive course on choosing and using cover crops. Learn how to improve the soil in your home garden the way organic farmers have done for centuries!
Seed of the Month!
French Breakfast is one of our favourite radish varieties. So petite and delicate, yet packed with piquant flavour! They mature in 25-30 days, so they make an excellent fall and early winter planting choice, and now that it’s cooling off, they will not bolt!
Custom Seed Packets!
West Coast Seeds can print personalized seed packages for a wide range of individuals and organizations. Use them as party favors, or for gifts at weddings, baby showers, memorials–any occasion you want to live on in memory. Seed packets also make ideal corporate promotion handouts because bulk printing makes them even more economical.

Our packages are printed on 100% recycled, FSC-certified paper, using vegetable dyes, so they’re fully compostable. You can supply the artwork and message, or choose from a wide range of pre-printed packets, and simply provide the text. Find out more by downloading our Custom Printing pdf.

West Coast Seeds Gift Baskets!
Our deluxe gift baskets are the perfect "Thank You" present for the gardener in your life. We gather together seeds, gloves, hand tools, garden twine, organic fertilizers, seedling pots, books, and more, and arrange them in tastefully displayed garden baskets or tool bags. Large or small, we will put one together to suit your budget. Our gift baskets are also available as raffle gifts for fundraisers and other special events. Let us customize one for you today! Check out our gift basket selections online!

Fall & Winter Planting Guide
Be sure to download a free copy of our Fall & Winter Planting Guide today! There are lots of crops that can be sown in late August and September for fall, winter, and overwintered harvests. It’s also the perfect time to plant cover crops. Read all about it in our Fall & Winter Planting Guide!
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