October 2012 Newsletter

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Vol. October 2012 Good Growing News!

One of the most charming signs of autumn here in Ladner is the return of the Lesser Snow Geese. They arrive back in late September from their summer foraging grounds on Wrangel Island in Russia’s far north, and they fill the sky with their familiar chaotic honking. You can see flocks of thousands of geese grazing in farm fields at the side of the road. With the geese come hundreds of other bird species as they pass through the Pacific migratory corridor. There is a wonderful opportunity to witness this upsurge in bird life at the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary in Ladner. Visit West Coast Seeds’ retail store, have lunch in the village, and then take a walk through the sanctuary, all located just half an hour south of Vancouver.
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Book of the Month

The Ultimate Guide to Homesteading

Garden City: Richmond’s Agricultural Legacy
The Main Gallery at the Richmond Museum will be showcasing the city’s rich farming history from June 21st to October 21st. Though Richmond has grown into a vibrant urban centre, a significant portion of Richmond’s land area remains agricultural, and as such, is an important part of the local and regional economy. Drop by and celebrate the city that very recently voted to go GE-free!
The Museum is located at 7700 Minoru Gate in Richmond.

The Land Conservancy of British Columbia Pollinator Enhancement Project
The Land Conservancy of British Columbia believes strongly in the conservation of pollinators and  is excited to launch a Native Pollinator Enhancement Project to address pollinator decline. To find out more about the project and receive a gift of pollinator friendly seeds from West Coast Seeds please contact Nathalie Chambers or visit the website.

Please support our important work and bee-come a member!

Fall is upon us!
Pumpkins abound on the farms around Ladner, with only a few days left before Halloween. Pumpkins and other winter squashes stay edible, and even improve in flavour as the cold weather sets in. If you want to give winter squashes real longevity, just sponge them briefly with a small amount of bleach diluted in plenty of cold water. This will kill any mould or bacteria on the skins of the fruits and add months to their shelf life.

Now is the time to savour the potatoes, garlic, dried beans, and other garden produce grown during the summer. It’s a good time to start sprouts and microgreens indoors, and to grow some cold-hardy salad greens outdoors under the cover of a cloche or cold frame. 

October Features
Mason bee cocoons!

Order mason bee cocoons now! We ship the cocoons from November to May for release in the spring. Inside each cocoon is a dormant, immature mason bee, just waiting to emerge in the spring and start pollinating flowers and fruit trees. Bulk sizes are now available!

How to make pumpkin pie!
Pumpkin pie from scratch is something of a lost art form, but it’s both fun and easy to render down a raw pumpkin into useable pie filling. Once you try our traditional pumpkin pie recipe, you’ll never go back to pre-made filling again!
Still time to plant garlic!
October is the perfect time to plant garlic in south coastal BC. Garlic may be one of the most economical of crops, because it stores so well, and can be used almost every day. Home-grown garlic has more flavour and character than what you can buy in grocery stores.
 Sign Up for Our Gardening Classes

West Coast Seeds’ retail store is equipped with a large classroom, where we offer a series of gardening classes and lectures. The retail store is located at 4930 Elliott Street in Ladner, British Columbia – right on the corner of Elliott Street and River Road, beside the Ladner Recycling Centre. As new classes are confirmed, details will be posted here, so check back often. Refreshments will be provided at each of our classes.

Please pre-register. If you’d like to attend, you can register in person at our retail outlet, or by phone: (604) 952-8820. Please register as early as possible for each course that interests you.

Next Class:

Winterizing the Garden
What are the most important steps gardeners can make as winter approaches? What can we do to help our growing area stay fertile, tidy, and productive during its period of rest? Brian Campbell will tell you his tips and tricks for winding things down, and provide insight on the use of mulches, lime, cover crops, manure, and other garden applications. ($15.00)
Sunday, October 28th, 1-3pm