July 2012 Newsletter

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Vol. July 2012 Good Growing News!

With the arrival of warm weather, many cool-season crops like lettuce are ready to be harvested. We adored the new, certified organic Jester lettuce (above), for its mottled, curly leaves, as well as great flavour and colour! As these crops are harvested, valuable garden real estate becomes available. Carrots, beets, endive & radicchio, turnips, and even peas can all be planted in July for fall harvest. Why leave garden space empty, when you could be growing more food?

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Book of the Month
Mini Farming
Fall & Winter Gardening Guide

Garden City: Richmond’s Agricultural Legacy
The Main Gallery at the Richmond Museum will be showcasing the city’s rich farming history from June 21st to October 21st. Though Richmond has grown into a vibrant urban centre, a significant portion of Richmond’s land area remains agricultural, and as such, is an important part of the local and regional economy. Drop by and celebrate the city that very recently voted to go GM-free!
The Museum is located at 7700 Minoru Gate in Richmond.

The Land Conservancy of British Columbia Pollinator Enhancement Project
The Land Conservancy of British Columbia believes strongly in the conservation of pollinators and  is excited to launch a Native Pollinator Enhancement Project to address pollinator decline. To find out more about the project and receive a gift of pollinator friendly seeds from West Coast Seeds please contact Nathalie Chambers or visit the website.

Please support our important work and bee-come a member!

We love summer!
This is such an enjoyable time of year for gardeners. Flowers are in bloom, crops are ready for harvest, and all our hard work is paying off. Nothing is nicer than sharing freshly picked vegetables with friends on a warm summer evening. As gardeners, though, we always have to think ahead. Just imagine sharing freshly picked vegetables with your friends at Christmas dinner, or some other winter event!

After all, summer is also the time to plant for fall and winter harvests. Just like we contemplate our spring/summer gardens during the winter, so too should we make early plans for the coming seasons. It’s as easy as selecting hardy vegetable varieties and providing modest crop protection to minimize the impact of rain and frost. In this mild climate, you can harvest vegetables from your garden all winter long if you plan for it. View our new Fall & Winter Gardening Guide online!

July Features
Summer Planting Tip:

Plant carrot seeds whenever crops are harvested from the garden from mid-July to mid-August, and you’ll have a steady supply into the fall and winter. You can leave them in the ground to pick as you need. If cold weather is expected, simply mulch them with some straw!
If you planted wildflower seeds in March, they’ll be in full bloom now. Wildflower blends are a superb way of getting rid of demanding lawn space. This year Mark planted fourteen different blends, and has been keeping a record on his Garden Wisdom blog.
Seed of the Month!
January King cabbage looks so fantastic that we chose it for the cover of our Fall & Winter Gardening Guide. Direct sow the seeds in July, and harvest the huge, colourful cabbages in late winter to early spring. It’s an heirloom that will become a tradition in your garden!

Garden Clubs
Many thanks to the Pender Island Garden Club for joining us at West Coast Seeds on June 21st. Twenty-six members of the group managed to car-pool and bus over to Ladner for the day. Mark gave a short talk about winter gardening and crop protection, and refreshments were served. Then the club headed off to Minter Gardens for the afternoon.

Do you belong to a garden club?
Why not schedule a special event for your club in the classroom at West Coast Seeds? We’ll provide refreshments, an introduction to our company, and an informative gardening lecture. Our classroom can hold up to 30 people. If you’d like to book an event at our space, please contact Sharon by email. Please allow at least 30 days notice.
Custom Seed Packets!
West Coast Seeds can print personalized seed packages for a wide range of individuals and organizations. Use them as party favors, or for gifts at weddings, baby showers, memorials–any occasion you want to live on in memory. Seed packets also make ideal corporate promotion handouts because bulk printing makes them even more economical.

Our packages are printed on 100% recycled, FSC-certified paper, using vegetable dyes, so they’re fully compostable. You can supply the artwork and message, or choose from a wide range of pre-printed packets, and simply provide the text. Find out more by downloading our Custom Printing pdf.

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