January 2013 Newsletter

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Vol. January 2013 Good Growing News!
The West Coast Seeds 2013 Catalogue and Growing Guide is now on-line in an interactive form. Shop right from your mobile device or home computer! Just click on the image or title the product you are interested in.
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Book of the Month

2013 Catallogue & Gardening Guide


The Land Conservancy of British Columbia Pollinator Enhancement Project

The Land Conservancy of British Columbia believes strongly in the conservation of pollinators and  is excited to launch a Native Pollinator Enhancement Project to address pollinator decline. To find out more about the project and receive a gift of pollinator friendly seeds from West Coast Seeds please contact Nathalie Chambers or visit the website.

Please support our important work and bee-come a member!

The Bee School 2013

Urban Beekeeping Classes at Homesteader’s Emporium are to begin February 16 and run until the end of August.

Keeping bees is an amazing avocation, the bees themselves are individually insects but collectively mammal like, making beekeeping an endlessly fascinating and challenging subject.  Nine sessions long with 27 hours of instruction come and learn organic and sustainable beekeeping with a master beekeeper in a warm and welcoming setting.

To register please visit:


For more information of classes for the 2013 season please contact Brian at:


Happy New Year!

We’re really excited to kick off the new year and the new gardening season. West Coast Seeds now offers more seed varieties, and more certified organic seeds than ever before. We have a whole pile of new seed varieties for 2013, as well as your traditional heirloom favourites.

We have some fun projects on the go for 2013. Our new Fundraising Program provides a great opportunity to raise funds for your school, team, band, or charity by selling seeds door to door. The turn-around on our Custom Printing Program is faster than ever, and more people are using custom printed seed packages to spread their message with impact.

January Features
Sow strawberry seeds!

Winter is the right time to sow strawberry seeds. You may just get a crop the first season. But planting strawberry seeds is bit trickier than other sorts of plants. Learn how to grow strawberries from seed, and start a patch for your garden or patio.
Growlight Garden!

Grow amazing microgreens or baby salad greens in the Growlight Garden. We can’t say enough good things about this handy, tabletop, self-watering, energy-efficient indoor gardening system. Now you can garden all winter long in the comfort of your kitchen!

Seed of the Month!

Pumpkin-on-a-Stick is one of the quirkiest looking vegetables you’ll ever see. We grow it as an ornamental, and dry the unique looking fruits that appear along the thorny stems for dramatic fall displays. Also known as Chinese Red Eggplant.

Custom Seed Packets!

West Coast Seeds can print personalized seed packages for a wide range of individuals and organizations. Use them as party favors, or for gifts at weddings, baby showers, memorials–any occasion you want to live on in memory. Seed packets also make ideal corporate promotion handouts because bulk printing makes them even more economical.Our packages are printed on 100% recycled, FSC-certified paper, using vegetable dyes, so they’re fully compostable. You can supply the artwork and message, or choose from a wide range of pre-printed packets, and simply provide the text.

Find out more by downloading our Custom Printing pdf.

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