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How to Grow Peas

Alderman Tall Telephone Shelling Pea Seeds PE591
10 Apr

Since you cannot purchase shelling peas or edible pod peas that are freshly picked, this is one vegetable every home garden should have. The peas in the pod taste sweetest right after they have been picked (while you’re still in the garden!). Follow along with this handy How to Grow Peas Guide and grow food. Latin Pisum sativum…

How to Grow Sesame

How to Grow Sesame Seeds
26 Oct

Sesame is commercially produced in desert settings, so when we say it’s drought tolerant, we really mean it. In fact, this is really the key to success with sesame seeds, as we will outline in the following guide on how to grow sesame from seed. Sesame is a tropical annual herb that grows to about…

How to Grow Dandelions

How to Grow Dandelions from Seed
7 Jan

It may seem counter-intuitive for a gardener to actually plant what must be the world’s commonest weed. But dandelions have lots of culinary potential, they feed pollinators, and they cultivate the soil with their long taproots. Latin Tarataxacum officinale Family: Asteraceae Difficulty Easy We Recommend: The one and only: Common Dandelion. Timing Direct sow from…

How to Grow Hops

Goldings Organic Hops Rhizomes HO104-1
13 Feb

Here is all the information you need on how to grow hops. Hops make a dramatic addition to ornamental gardens. Highly decorative, fast growing, trouble free, and cold hardy, hops give a flare and interest to gardens that few other plants do. Ideal for trellises and arbors and as a fast growing perennial hop bines…

How to Grow Corn Salad

Vit Corn Salad
9 Feb

Corn Salad is a largely unknown leafy vegetable that has a long history in Europe, where it is know variously as mache, vit, fetticus, and so on. Harvest individual leaves or whole rosettes. These are small, but succulent and tasty. Corn salad is very nice on its own or mixed in with other salad greens….

How to Grow Okra

How to Grow Okra from Seed
8 Feb

Okra is a fast growing, warmth loving, very attractive flowering plant. The pods emerge from each pollinated flower, and will produce viable seeds if left to mature. Learn when to plant okra seeds in our How to Grow Okra instructions. It’s a fun summer crop, and adds variety to your organic vegetable garden. Latin Ablemoschus…

How to Grow Zucchini

Jackpot Zucchini Squash Seeds How to grow zucchini
11 Sep

True zucchinis are evenly narrow along their length, and they are long – never round. We include summer pumpkins here as “round zucchinis” because they are so similar in growth habit and usefulness. Zucchinis that develop a bulbous end where the seed cavity forms, are referred to as Cocozelle types. At the end of the day,…

How to Grow Turnips

How to Grow Turnips Purple Top White Globe
11 Sep

Summer turnips are great for salads, pickles, and stir-fries. Any place that you would use spinach or Swiss chard, you can give turnip greens a try. Follow along with this handy How to Grow Turnips Guide and grow food. Turnips make excellent pickles. Latin Brassica rapa var. rapa Family: Brassicaceae Difficulty Easy We Recommend: Even if turnips “aren’t your…

How to Grow Tomatillos

How to grow Tomatillo Seeds growing 2
11 Sep

These big sprawling tomatillo plants are easier to grow than tomatoes and do not require any protection from rain. The fruit itself, when fully ripe, can be used to increase tomato sauces. Ground cherries are a sweet fruit and are used for preserves and desserts. Follow along with this handy How to Grow Tomatillos Guide and grow food.!…

How to Grow Swiss Chard

11 Sep

The succulent leaves of Swiss chard can be used much like spinach. You can even use the big ones to wrap “cabbage” rolls. The colourful stems can be cooked like asparagus. Enjoy the small leaves in salad. They grow easily and well in our climate and stand in the garden for many months, giving a…

How to Grow Squash

11 Sep

The three species of squash that we offer represent a wide variety of shapes and colours. Each will cross-polliinate readily whithin their species. For instance, all C. pepo will cross-pollinate with each other, but not with C. maxima or C. moschata. For people who want to save their seeds, this is a very important consideration….

How to Grow Sprouts from Seed

How to grow sprouts Mung Beans Organic
11 Sep

Growing Sprouts from Seed Home grown sprouts are easy to grow and fast to sprout. You can grow them in a mason jar, in a kitchen sieve, or in one of several specialized sprouters like the Biosta sprouter. Follow along with this handy How to Grow Sprouts from Seed Guide and grow delicious, nutritious, sprouts for your salads…