What’s Happening at West Coast Seeds?

What's Happening at West Coast Seeds?
21 May
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We’d like to keep you posted about what’s happening at West Coast Seeds.

May 20th, 2017: Late May is the traditional time for our really busy season to begin winding down. This year the nice spring weather seems to have done everything it could to delay its arrival until these last couple of days. But dry weather is in the forecast and local farmers are chomping at the bit to get out and plow fields for this year’s crops.

Here at our farm some of the buildings are getting a fresh spring paint job. Our farmhouse is gradually being brightened to a cheery butter-yellow colour. The three staircases onto the veranda were showing signs of aging, so we’re swapping out some rotted boards to give the place a tidier look. Some flower beds are being prepped along the west side of the house, so watch for an amazing display of summer flowers.

The house is currently being used for meetings, and it’s home to our test kitchen, but the real hive of activity here is in the “big red barn.”

West Coast Seeds

The garage gets a lick of paint

The garage beside the house is also being painted to match the big red barn. This building is perfect for our farm machinery and operations HQ.

West Coast Seeds

Cedar chips for the staff raised beds

The space between the garage and the main building is home to the staff raised beds that went in back in March. Now that the ground is drying out, we’ve received a mountain of cedar chips to go in between the beds, and for use on some paths around the property. The chips will give the place a much tidier appearance and hopefully reduce some of the weed pressure between the beds.

Once the field is worked over, our trial beds will be installed. We conduct two main seed trials – one for All-America Selections (AAS), and of course our own seed trials where we can test out some new varieties as well as our standard classic varieties.

The resident bald eagle pair is making their presence known

And we’re pleased to announce that a pair of bald eagles have decided to build a new nest in one of the conifers on the west side of the property (along Arthur Drive). One or the other of them has photo-bombed many recent photos and video productions as they travel back and forth with sticks and branches. We’ll try to get some better shots of the nest site soon.

Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for the announcement of our 2017 Video Contest, updates from our trial results, and much more news about the farm.

The finished project!