What’s Happening at West Coast Seeds? July 2017

West Coast Seeds
25 Jul
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Hello summer! We finally have warm weather in the Lower Mainland, and the gardens and fields are spilling over with fresh veggies and fruits. Here’s an update on all that has happened recently at the West Coast Seeds farm.

At the front of the property, we are growing various flowers. It makes for quite the sight when you drive in! Some of the flowers include Flanders poppies, California bluebells, and our Pacific Northwest blend of wildflowers. We’ve been making freshly cut bouquets from the flower beds, many of which can be seen scattered throughout the office.

Just off of our staff parking lot, we had a large patch of grass. If you know us well, we’re big advocates for turning lawn into something more useful. We recently tore up the grass and turned the area into a squash patch. Given the large size of squash plants, they’ll have plenty of room to sprawl out and get some sun. Some of the squashes we’re growing include zucchini, pumpkins, and butternut squash. One of our concerns is the soil nutrient content; it’s not the best soil, but our fingers are crossed! We’ll keep you updated as the plants grow.

One of the zucchinis from our squash patch, with hand for scale. It’s just about ready for eating!


Delta, BC is a birders paradise. Situated on the Pacific Flyway, up to five million birds visit Delta and the surrounding areas as a stopover during migration. As we garden, farm, and film on our farm, we’ve seen countless bald eagles, herons, and songbirds outside. We recently placed a birdhouse near our garden beds, but with a twist! With the help of our graphic designer Uma, we turned the birdhouse into a replica of our office. It’s popular with both birds and staff alike.

West Coast Seed Birdfeeder

Can you spot the bird?

The staff garden beds have become quite the showpiece on the property. Last time you saw them, they were sparse and surrounded by a mountain of cedar chips. We’re please to report that the beds have finally filled in with fresh vegetables and flowers. The space has undergone quite a transformation.

The staff garden beds, finally looking green.


Every summer, our staff tours local farms. By meeting our farming neighbors, we gain insight, friendship, and a whole lot of samples! We kicked off our tours with Windset Farms in Delta, BC. Recognize that name? If you’ve purchased tomatoes from Costco recently, it likely came from Windset Farms. Walking into the greenhouse, rows of tomato plants extended as far as the eye can see. While the staff was split on which tomato had the best flavour, the Campari tomato seemed to be perfectly sized. A huge thank you to their staff for being so welcoming and informative.

Rows of tomatoes at Windset Farms in Delta, BC.


Coming soon: harvest photos, recipes, and fall and winter gardening tips!