Some Late Arrivals for 2017

Futtsu Black Early Squash
22 Jan
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We do what we can to catch all the new products in the pages of our 2017 Catalogue and Growing Guide, but there were some inevitable stragglers that missed our “to print” date. You can review the Complete List of New Products for 2017, but below are some of the new and notable items you might not have seen before.

Rosalie F1 Asparagus Seeds
Rosalie F1 Asparagus – A new hybrid purple asparagus that features smooth purple skins and excellent uniformity. It even keeps its purple colour after cooking. Extra anthrocyanins in the plant’s tissue deliver an extra dose of antioxidant goodness with each bite.

Basileo Cauliflower Seeds
Basileo F1 Cauliflower – A very fine green cauliflower for the gourmet market. Raw or cooked, Basileo is eye-catching and tasty. It pairs well with white or purple cauliflower as well.

Oh Canada Zinnia Blend
Oh Canada Zinnia Blend
– So easy to grow, and a rather smart way to show some Canadian pride in our 150th year of confederation. Super white, and intense red flowers put on a great show all summer, and are excellent for cutting and enjoying indoors.

Showy Milkweed Seeds
Showy Milkweed (Asclepias speciosa) – The food plant of the Monarch butterfly, this is the variety adults look for on which to lay their eggs. The caterpillars will feed on the plant’s leaves, and all butterflies will feed on its nectar-rich flowers. It’s a perennial that needs a bit of care in containing. Use raised beds or containers, or deadhead before the seeds are released.

Joe Pye Weed Seeds
Joe Pye Weed (Eutrochium purpurea) – Another perennial to feed pollinators, but one that thrives in moist soil in partial shade. This is a big plant, too, growing over two meters in a single year, and topped by a cloud of pink flowers. It is loved by bees and butterflies.

Curling Organic Leek Seeds
Curling F1 Leek – This certified organic leek has giant shanks, very upright growth, and slow, uniform growth for fall and winter harvests. It’s a fine choice for home gardeners and market growers alike.

Mad Hatter Pepper Seeds
Mad Hatter F1 Pepper – The traditional “Bishop’s Cap” shape of the C. baccatum pepper. Sweet flavour with only a distant impression of heat. This AAS Award Winner is great for snacking and super-productive.

Ghost Chili Seeds
Ghost Chili (a.k.a. Bhut Jolokia) – Nearly the peak extreme of heat that a pepper can produce, these little fireballs are said to be 400 times hotter than Tobasco Sauce. Please take care with the seeds and fruits, as this one can cause serious irritation to mucous membranes. Not a chili for the faint of heart.

SQ803 Black Futtsu Early Squash
Black Futtsu Squash – What a treat this was from last year’s trials! This ancient Japanese heirloom smells just like cantaloupe when you first slice into it. The fruits are small and pumpkin-like, with thin skins and amazing sweet flavour. We made the best squash soup we’ve ever had. This will be in permanent rotation in Mark’s garden every year.

Chafer Beetle Resistant Lawn Blend
Chafer Beetle Resistant Lawn Blend – This is a blend of Micro-Clover and Tall Fescue that creates a tough, resilient lawn, but does not form the thatch that chafer beetle larvae feed on. We recommend replacing traditional lawn grasses in areas where animals have been causing lawn damage by digging up the grubs. This should form part of a strategy for defeating the insects over time.