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Create a School Garden

eat local, grow food, grow from seed.


How it Works

We have selected sixty of our best-selling varieties of flower, vegetable, and herb seed packets to provide “something for everyone”.  
All our seeds are Untreated and Non GE seed, with germination rates exceeding Canada Number One standards. All our seeds are suitable for organic growing. 
Each seed packet sold will earn you 40% profit off the listed packet price.

It is easy to order


Obtain or download order forms from you campaign organizer.


Make your selection from 60 of our most popular seed packets. Our website provides easy access to information on our seeds and how to grow tips.


Return your completed order form payment to your campaign organizer.


Check your order once delivered, then plant and grow.


About Us

West Coast Seeds was started in 1983 in Vancouver, British Columbia, by Mary Ballon. Mary’s love of gardening and fervent belief in growing food locally has helped motivate a generation of organic gardeners on the West Coast and right across Canada. West Coast Seeds only sells untreated seeds. We specialize in HEIRLOOM and CERTIFIED ORGANIC seeds for your organic growing, with over 750 varieties of open pollinated and hybrid seeds for your selection.

Quality Seeds

Exceptional Service

Thoughtful Goals

  • Untreated Seeds ~ suitable for organic gardening
  • Exclusively Non-GMO/Non-GEO
  • Each seed packet indicates the packing date, germination rate, and lot number, along with planting instructions
  • Complete Fundraising Kit provided to Chairperson
  • Expert Gardeners on staff to answer gardening questions
  • Notification when order is being shipped or ready for pickup
  • Support organic sustainable growing
  • Support groups in their fundraising efforts
  • Encourage healthy eating
  • Learn, grow, eat.



Participant Information

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Growing Guides

Rainbow Carrot Blend
  1. Arugula Astro MS483A 
  2. Beans Bush Tri Colour Bush BN111A
  3. Beans Fortex BN132A
  4. Beets Beet Blend BT171A
  5. Beets Red Ace BT166A
  6. Broccoli Everest BR182A
  7. Cabbage Danish Ballhead CB242A
  8. Carrots Rainbow Blend CR279A
  9. Carrots Scarlet Nantes Certified Organic CR295A
  10. Corn Peaches and Cream CN369A
  11. Cucumber Homemade Pickles CU407A
  12. Cucumber Tasty Green CU392A
  13. Kale Improved Dwarf Siberian KL421A
  14. Kale Red Russian KL426A
  15. Kale Lacinato KL425A
  16. Lettuce Leaf Grand Rapids LT456A
  17. Lettuce Red Sails LT459A
  18. Lettuce Mix Super Gourmet Salad Mix LT455A
  19. Lettuce Romaine Little Gem LT476A
  20. Mescluns Stirfry Blend MU521A
  21. Mescluns West Coast Market Mix MS489A
  22. Watermelon Sugar baby ML865A
  23. Onions Kincho ON569A
  24. Onions Walla Walla ON565A
  25. Peas Snap Cascadia PE619A
  26. Peas Shelling Little Marvel PE605A
  27. Peas Mammoth Melting Sugar PE623A
  28. Pumpkin Small Sugar PU660A
  29. Radish Easter Egg Blend RD674A
  30. Spinach Corvair Certified Organic SP711A
  31. Squash Zucchini Black Beauty SQ710A 
  32. Squash Vegetable Spaghetti SQ735A
  33. Squash Early Butternut SQ745A
  34. Swiss Chard Celebration SW753A
  35. Tomato Early Girl TM769A
  36. Tomato Tiny Tim Cherry TM758A
  37. Tomato Taxi Certified Organic TM776A
Little Marvel Shelling Pea Seeds PE605
Early Girl


Dill Seeds

38. Basil Kitchen Blend HR1011A

39. Basil Emily Certified Organic HR1017A

40. Catnip HR1049A

41. Chives HR1065A

42. Cilantro Santo Long Standing HR1073A

43. Dill Fernleaf HR1081A

44. Lemon Balm HR1097A

45. Peppermint HR1090A

46. Oregano Greek HR1116A

47. Parsley Forest Green PL570A

48. Parsley Italian Certified Organic PL572A


Grow zinnias California Giants Zinnia Seeds FL3486 FFlanders PoppyShort Blend Sunflowers

49. Calendula Pacific Beauty Mix FL2241A

50. Cosmos Sensation Mix FL2403A

51. Marigolds Sparky Mix FL2918A

52. Nasturtiums Jewel Mix FL2999A

53. Poppy Flanders FL3108A

54. Sunflower Giganteus FL3275

55. Sunflower Short Blend FL3307A

56. Sweet Pea Butterfly Blend FL3279A

57. Sweet Pea Early Multiflora Blend FL3296A

58. Wildflowers Bee Garden Blend FL3540A

59. Wildflowers Xeriscape Mix FL3458A

60. Zinnias Peppermint Stick FL3504A


61. West Coast Seeds Plant Labels ZHG121Plant Labels (West Coast Seeds)

62. Plant Label Markers ZHG123Plant Label Marker Pen