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West Coast Seeds soups to try winter or summer.

This Gazpacho Verde recipe makes the perfect introduction to an outdoor meal on a hot summer evening. Served chilled, it is both cooling and refreshing, with a refined flavour that is out of this world. This cold (vegan) soup can form the base for countless variations of garnishes and complementary items. It’s a very simple […]

Try this creamy leek and potato soup recipe on a cold winter day –it’s very easy to make. Serve it with a thick piece of crusty bread and a salad of winter greens. Ingredients:  1125 mL (4.5 cups) leeks (approximately three large leeks) 750 mL (3 cups) yellow onion 1750 mL (7 cups) chopped butter potatoes […]

Borscht has almost as many recipes as there are grandmothers from the old country. Regional and cultural preferences have taken it around the world. If it passes as beet soup, it can be called Borscht. Variations include everything from adding heavy cream to serving with meat on the bone. We developed this recipe as a […]

This traditional Spanish recipe is made from inexpensive, readily available ingredients. For authenticity, try to find Spanish sweet paprika as well as Spanish smoked paprika. In this Sopa de Ajo – Garlic Soup recipe, other kinds of paprika can be substituted, but the recipe is meant to be heavily seasoned. Few other recipes showcase as well […]