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It’s nice to have one big, reliable sage bush at the corner of the garden. One plant usually provides enough herb for most families, and its flowers are strongly attractive to wild and domesticated bees. Even hummingbirds will stop for a sip. Propagating by cuttings is easier with sage than growing from seed, but both […]

Rosemary is not quite as simple from seed as many other herbs, but it can be achieved by novice gardeners if they take certain precautions. It is a woody perennial that grows slowly, and won’t be ready for harvesting during the first year of growth. If growing rosemary in containers, provide monthly feedings of liquid […]

Traditionally used to flavour bean dishes, epazote has the added medicinal benefit of acting as a carminative, or anti-flatulent agent. Epazote is an unfussy plant that will grow in even poor soils. Grow in full sun for best results, in a warm spot in the garden. Follow the How to Grow Epazote from seeds and feel free to […]

A delicate, parsley-like plant with a hint of licorice, chervil is one of the traditional fines herbes. Chervil is an excellent companion for Brassicas, lettuce, and radishes, but does best in part shade. Try growing some between rows of tall cabbages and kale. Chervil helps to repel slugs. Follow along with this handy How to Grow […]

German chamomile is also known as scented mayweed and wild chamomile. It’s a hardy annual with pleasantly scented flowers, and is primarily grown for medicinal use and teas. Follow this handy How to Grow chamomile from seeds and relax. Learn how to grow your own organic chamomile in containers or in your herb garden. Latin Matricaria […]

Known in antiquity as “catswort.” Bees seem to prefer its flowers over most others, but a common plant pest in gardens, the flea beetle, is deterred by it. The universal appeal of this species to cats is underscored by the fact that the herb’s common name in every Western language contains some variation of the […]