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Waiting to Transplant

Waiting to Transplant
12 Mar

Many plants benefit from a head start by sowing indoors during late winter and early spring. For a few crops, notably peppers and tomatoes, this indoor start is an absolute requirement if growing from seed. These tender, tropical plants will be killed outright by frost, and will show immediate signs of distress if exposed to…

Mark’s Ten Seedling Tips

Mark's Top Ten Seedling Tips
22 Feb

You’ve selected your seeds, you’ve invested in unfamiliar seed starting equipment, you’ve planted the seeds — and now the damn things are coming up! What to do?! Lesson One: Take it easy. Remember that seeds are just like any other embryo, and that their parents have bestowed upon them a supply of food to get…

Twelve Must-Have Seeds for 2017

SQ803 Black Futtsu Early Squash
9 Feb

One of the best things about working with seeds is the time we spend in seed trials, trying new varieties and comparing traits. We are completely spoiled by the multitude of fruits and vegetables that we grow, as well as the produce from local farms. Over the years I have adopted a list of what…

Some Late Arrivals for 2017

Futtsu Black Early Squash
22 Jan

We do what we can to catch all the new products in the pages of our 2017 Catalogue and Growing Guide, but there were some inevitable stragglers that missed our “to print” date. You can review the Complete List of New Products for 2017, but below are some of the new and notable items you…

Seeds for a Really Early Start

Seeds for a Really Early Start
20 Nov

The weather outdoors is cold and gloomy. Here on the coast it is altogether wet — the ground is sodden and squishy. Elsewhere, the first blankets of snow are falling, and the ground is freezing hard. Only the most spirited of winter gardeners are still making trips to the greenhouse, low tunnels, or raised beds…

We are moving!

West Coast Seeds is Moving
12 Sep

West Coast Seeds is pleased to announce that we will shortly be moving our offices and warehouse. We will be moving to a beautifully renovated barn on a fifteen acre, certified organic farm here in Ladner. We have been hurting for space for over a year, and this move will allow us some breathing room…

Seeds to Start in July

27 Jun

Why limit your garden’s production to just the summer? There are still lots of seeds to start in July, particularly in regions with mild winters. Many of these varieties can be enjoyed as mature plants for fall and winter harvests, but lots of them can be eaten as immature baby vegetables while they are tender…

Stagger Sowing for a Longer Harvest

Planting Short Rows
30 May

Winter is finally over, and spring has arrived. It’s time to plant seeds! Many gardeners make the mistake of thinking of seed planting as a one time, annual event, as though it was something to get over and done with to make the arrival of spring official. There are two very good reasons not to…

Andrea Bellamy’s Top Patio Picks

Andrea Bellamy
7 Feb

Author and blogger Andrea Bellamy recommends these varieties for container growing on balconies and in other small spaces. These seeds are perfect for the urban grower or part-time farmer who lacks garden space, but wants to grow a little food. Plant these seeds in pots with good drainage holes using store-bought, bagged potting soil. Maxibel…

Seeds to Start in June

15 Sep

Now we’re just three weeks away from the longest day of the year (summer solstice on June 21st), so the soil is warm enough to plant squash and bean seeds. Even in colder climates where the nights are still frosty, the growing season is just around the corner. Maybe you have already planted carrots and…