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What’s Happening at West Coast Seeds? July 2017

West Coast Seeds
25 Jul

Hello summer! We finally have warm weather in the Lower Mainland, and the gardens and fields are spilling over with fresh veggies and fruits. Here’s an update on all that has happened recently at the West Coast Seeds farm. At the front of the property, we are growing various flowers. It makes for quite the…

Companion Planting

Companion Planting
28 May

West Coast Seeds offers its guidelines to companion planting to you as suggestions keeping in mind, each garden is unique and all of the factors should go into consideration while planning your garden, including but not limited too sun exposure, weather, ecology, pollinators, insect population, the soil, water supply and historical plant and harvest productivity…

What’s Happening at West Coast Seeds?

What's Happening at West Coast Seeds?
21 May

We’d like to keep you posted about what’s happening at West Coast Seeds. May 20th, 2017: Late May is the traditional time for our really busy season to begin winding down. This year the nice spring weather seems to have done everything it could to delay its arrival until these last couple of days. But…

Compost and Composting

Compost and Composting
17 May

About Compost and Composting Composting is the process of breaking down organic material. It is one of the basic principles of organic and biodynamic gardening, and has been in practice for a surprisingly long time. Pliny the Elder refers to composting in his writings from the early Roman era in the first century AD. But…

Commit to Grow Day 21: Values

Corporate Values of West Coast Seeds
22 Apr

  Take an Earth Day peek at our new facilities. Sincere thanks to everyone who has joined us for these Twenty-one Days of Green leading up to Earth Day. We’ve tried to show that there is reason for hope and optimism, from classroom to farm to grocery store. But your participation is part of the…

Commit to Grow Day 20: Mentor

We all mentor each other
21 Apr

In nearly any gardening situation, we have the opportunity to mentor — and to be mentored. Growing food organically is a life-long learning curve. Newbie gardeners sometimes feel shy about asking questions, but this is the way to learn. Master gardeners understand that there are always more innovations and ideas that will help us rethink…

Commit to Grow Day 19: CSAs

CSA Farm Box Program
20 Apr

CSAs represent one of the ways that small organic farmers are changing the way we think about food, the way we access food, and how we, as consumers, participate with food production. CSA stands for Community-Supported Agriculture, and we’ve talked about this before. The basic idea is that a farm sells shares in its produce…

Commit to Grow Day 18: Growing Chefs

Commit to Grow: Growing Chefs
19 Apr

West Coast Seeds is a proud supporter of the amazing organization, Growing Chefs. These “Chefs for Children’s Urban Agriculture” bring food into the urban classroom in the form of raw ingredients that are completely unfamiliar to the students. Their mission is to educate children, families, and community members about healthy eating and healthy food systems….

Commit to Grow Day 17: Food Miles

Food Miles
18 Apr

Food miles measure the literal distance in mileage between the producer and the consumer. They’re used to demonstrate the relative carbon footprints of conventionally farmed and imported groceries. This isn’t an effort to make consumers feel guilty. It’s about better understanding the burden our regular food consumption places on the environment. What it might compel…

Commit to Grow Day 16: Grow Kale

Commit to Grow Kale
17 Apr

If you ever find yourself tempted to purchase kale from a supermarket, you really ought to try growing it. By its nature, kale is one of the easiest, hardiest, and most productive of all crops. It doesn’t need warm soil to germinate, it’s perfectly at home in containers, and it actually improves in cold weather….

Commit to Grow Day 15: Planting Trees

Commit to Grow by Planting Trees
16 Apr

As we continue this Twenty-one Days of Green, planting trees seemed like an obvious choice. There are several fruit trees already growing on the farm at West Coast Seeds, so the idea came to expand the orchard area and expand our perennial food garden. With a minor investment and a bit of digging, planting just…

Commit to Grow Day 14: Wildlife

Planting for Wildlife
15 Apr

One of the amazing opportunities facing all gardeners and farmers is planting for wildlife — or, at least, growing food with biodiversity in mind. Organic gardeners understand that soil health is inherently dependent on robust biodiversity in the soil. Earthworms, invertebrates, fungi, bacteria, and many other organisms play different roles in the breaking down of…