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Butterfly Blend Ingredients

9 Feb

On this page we list the ingredients in our Butterfly Blend Wildflower Seeds mix. This blend was selected based on flowers that are particularly rich in nectar, and ones that naturally occur in North America, along butterfly migration routes. Showy Milkweed is included, which not only feeds the adult Monarch butterfly its nectar, but it…

Sweet Pea Trial 2016

Mark with Sweet Peas
7 Aug

Not so much an official trial, as an effort to grow out each of our sweet peas for comparative study. We grew out fifteen varieties among the other flowers and vegetables at our Kirkland House demonstration garden here in Ladner this year, creating one of the most fragrant garden experiences of all time. The sweet…

Plant Flower Seeds for Bees

17 Apr

With pollinator conservation in mind it’s a good idea to plant flower seeds for bees. But which are the best pollinator plants? Which bee flowers are the easiest to sow and grow? What flowers can be grown in containers or schoolyards to attract pollinators? Certain plants produce flowers that are really generous with nectar and…

Beneficial Insect Wildflower Blend Ingredients

Beneficial Insect Wildflower Blend Ingredients
24 Nov

Below is a list of the ingredients in our Beneficial Insect wildflower seeds. This blend was designed to include the maximum number of flowers known to attract pollinators and predatory insects that feed on pest species. For instance, dill is attractive to lacewings, ladybird beetles, and the tiny parasitoid wasps that kill aphids. The purpose…

Perennial Wildflower Seeds Blend Ingredients

24 Nov

The Perennial Wildflower Seeds ingredients are listed below. This is the right blend to establish where flowers are needed to come back year after year. Perennial flowers are often drought resistant and very winter hardy, so they can be relied upon for blooms season after season. This blend includes perennials that open at various times…

Short Meadow Blend Wildflower Ingredients

24 Nov

The wildflower seeds in our Short Meadow Blend will produce a gorgeous carpet of diverse flowers that only grow to about 60cm (24″) tall. This blend of wildflower seeds looks fabulous planted over large areas, but will work just as well in containers or raised beds. There are enough species in the mix that some…

Partial Shade Wildflower Blend Ingredients

Partial Shade Wildflower Blend Ingredients
24 Nov

Among the flowers in the Partial Shade wildflower seeds ingredients are a host of plants that will do perfectly well in partial shade to full sun. None of these plants will thrive in full shade, but they will perform in diffused light along the north side of a building or hedge. Chinese Forget Me Not…

Meadow Blend Tall Wildflower Ingredients

Meadow Blend Tall Wildflower Seeds Ingredients
24 Nov

The wildflower seeds in our Tall Meadow Blend produce a waist-high field of brilliantly coloured flowers that bloom over a very long period from spring to fall. This blend is best for areas that will be protected from foot traffic, and it will lure hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, and other pollinators to the area. Planted less…

Bee Garden Wildflower Blend Ingredients

Bee Garden Blend Wildflower Seeds Ingredients
24 Nov

Feed wild and domestic bees with the Bee Garden Blend of wildflower seeds. Honeybees have been in decline in recent years due to colony collapse disorder. Meanwhile, the habitat of wild bees like bumblebees, mason bees, and leaf cutter bees is dwindling. By planting these nectar rich wildflowers, we can provide forage for these overlooked…

Pacific Northwest Wildflower Blend Ingredients

Pacific Northwest Wildflower Seeds Ingredients
24 Nov

Please review the list below for the seeds that are included in our Pacific Northwest wildflower seeds blend. These flowers will thrive in most garden settings, but they have been selected due to their performance in the Pacific Northwest. By that we mean from the north of Vancouver Island and across to the Sunshine Coast down…

Deer Resistant Wildflower Blend Ingredients

Deer Resistant Wildflower Seeds Ingredients
24 Nov

The wildflower seeds in our Deer Resistant Blend were selected because, in most years of good forage, deer will wander past rather than graze on them. Many of these plants have texture, aroma, or flavour that is not palatable to deer – and other grazing mammals. If you’ve ever tried gardening in an area where…

Alternative Lawn Wildflower Blend Ingredients

Planting Wildflowers
24 Nov

Here is a list of the wildflower seeds in our Alternative Lawn Blend. These are short growing flowers, primarily annuals, that will form a carpet of diverse colours that changes with the seasons. From spring to late summer, the wildflowers in this blend put on a dazzling show, and feed bees and butterflies. Many of…