Located in Northeast Calgary, Alberta, Golden Acre Home & Garden has been serving its community for over 54 years. They are Alberta’s largest garden centre offering growing and gardening supplies for both indoor and outdoor use. They offer a superb selection of seeds to fill the broad range of wants and needs from their customers.

golden acre home and garden Find hanging baskets and indoor and outdoor plants.

Golden Acre Home & Garden proudly serves first time gardeners to well-experienced green-thumbs, catering to everyone’s personal gardening and plant needs. They are open year-round selling fall and winter gardening supplies, houseplants, cannabis supplies, home décor, and furniture. Whenever available, they source and sell Canadian products that they are experienced using and proud to stand behind.

golden acre home & gardenFurry friends exploring the greenhouse.

Educating the next generation of gardeners is an important part of their mission, which is why Golden Acre Home & Garden started GA kids TV, a series of fun and informative YouTube videos that teach kids and beginners the skills they need to grow plants of their own. They also offer webinars for gardeners of any experience level to learn the nuances of growing gardens and house plants — stay tuned to their website and follow their social media channels for more info. They can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Golden Acres Home and Garden CalgaryBringing in unique and innovative solutions for gardeners.

Golden Acre Home & Garden is also now offering online shopping and curbside pickup and delivery. They are a locally owned and operated store, in a convenient location with expert staff, and are open year-round with one of the largest houseplant departments in all of Alberta.

Golden Acres Home and Garden Calgary AlbertaFresh fruit seedlings like the raspberries seen here are available.

Staff at Golden Acre gave us a quick tip on how to make a garden favourite recipe — tacos. “Everyone loves tacos and everyone loves their tacos differently, we can make salsa, have fresh onions, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, cilantro, corn, jalapenos, and a pro-tip: you can even buy a lime tree as a houseplant.”