Are you still open?

Yes. Many of our office staff are now working from home. We are alternating shifts in our warehouse to reduce congestion and allow for personal distancing. Our facilities are not open to the public at this time, but we are continuing to pick, pack, and ship orders as quickly as possible.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Most orders are taking 15 to 20 days to ship. Our warehouse staff are tirelessly processing orders in the sequence in which they were received, and will continue to do so with maximum effort. If the demand increases, this delay may also increase.

Why the delay?

March and April are our busiest months, but this year is very exceptional. We have seen a remarkable surge in demand for seeds and gardening equipment. Our reduced Warehouse and Customer Service staff are doing everything they can to fulfill orders and answer questions as rapidly as possible.

What are backordered items? Why isn't my order complete?

We typically try to avoid back orders where possible. Due to the increased demand and limited capacity of our production department, we are only shipping items that have been produced. We do have the bulk seed for all items ordered, however, we have completely blown through our projections with the surging demand. We will ship out the remaining products once they are ready. If you'd like to cancel them at any time, please feel free to e-mail us or adjust your order on our website. 

What's the best way to contact West Coast Seeds?

Email is the easiest way to contact us at this time. We have a team of experts responding to your email inquiries throughout the week. We are trying to answer your inquiries in the sequence they arrive. Email:

Our phone lines are operating from 8:30 am to noon (PST), Monday to Friday. This step have been taken to allow our team to focus on our emails and retail partner order processing.

What's the best way to order at this time?

Ordering on our website is the best and fastest way to order at this time. If you create an account with us, or Sign In to your existing account, you can check your order's status as you please.

When orders are successfully placed online, you should receive an order confirmation email. When we finally invoice and ship your order, you should receive a second email notification. Shipping times remain very good.

When can I expect live goods to arrive?

Seed potatoes, onion sets, asparagus crowns, rhubarb, and flower bulbs have all arrived and are shipping now. Hops rhizomes are expected in April, but have not yet been harvested. Mason bee cocoons are no longer available. Nematodes will ship in early summer. Garlic will be available to order for fall shipping shortly.

How can I check the status of my order?

If you placed your order online, you can log into your account and check the status of your orders. It may be listed as "unfulfilled," but don't worry - we are working in sequential order to fulfill all orders. Due to the volume, we are not able to tweak individual orders once they have been placed. We will do everything we can to help you order successfully.

Have I been charged for my order?

When your order is placed our website, we take a pre-authorization against your credit card. This is not a charge, although it can look like one on some bank statements. It simply holds that amount of funds until we can pick and invoice your order. Gas stations do this when you pay by credit card.

At the time we assemble your physical order into its shipping box, we assess if any out of stock items remain on backorder, and also how to combine your order to minimize shipping costs. We only invoice (charge to your card) the value of the items shipped. Backordered items are not charged for until they come back in stock and we ship them. When we apply the charge to your card, there may be a balance on the pre-authorization that closes or expires. This may appear like a refund on your bank statement, but it is only the pre-authorization closing.

Is West Coast Seeds going to stay open?

We believe that the changes we have made will allow us to continue shipping orders for the foreseeable future. These changes include having our office staff work from home; closing our retail store and warehouse to the public; increased sanitization; staff training; and allowing for social distancing. We are going to do our best. That said, we highly value the welfare of our staff. We are monitoring government and Health Canada recommendations throughout each day.

Are the seeds going to arrive too late to plant?

West Coast Seeds is a company of gardeners, so we appreciate the timeliness of planting seeds. That's why we are really pushing to process orders as quickly as possible. It is still very early in the growing season.

What can I do while I'm waiting for my order?

Be positive! We are all in this together. This is an unprecedented test of our collective ability to practice calmness, kindness, and patience. This difficult time will pass, and we will have experienced it together. Let's come out of this time stronger, with a deeper appreciation for the things we take for granted.

Hang in there, friends!

You may not know it, but our website has lots of cool features and resources. You can download our Regional Planting Charts, or peruse our extensive library of Articles and Instructions. There are How to Grow Guides to read before your seeds arrive. There are even Recipes!