Coquitlam Men's Shed Society, (CMSS), is a BC non-profit that has outreach programs within the Red Door Housing Society at their Sunrise Terrace location in Coquitlam. We built four raised gardens for community gardening available for residents of the Sunrise Terrace complex. We used the donated vegetable seeds from West Coast Seeds for this location for the last 2-years. CMSS has also used our shed at Sunrise Terrace Coop Housing to in part, aid the non-profit with repairs so units can be rented. We have also helped children with minor repairs for their bicycles. CMSS has also worked with a Vancouver Elementary School by building bird house materials, which students would put together with the assistance of CMSS members.

Community gardens built & planted by Coquitlam Men's Shed
Community gardens built & planted by Coquitlam Men's Shed.

Prior to COVID-19 the CMSS built 4 additional raised gardens for the non-profit Gordon House also located in Coquitlam. For 2-years prior to COVID, we grew vegetables for Gordon House, which allowed them to reduce their kitchen costs associated to purchasing vegetables for their residents.

COVID has limited our outreach ability the past 2-years. Gordon House appropriately suspended our garden project the last 2-years. CMSS continues to supply its efforts towards operating the raised vegetable gardens are Sunrise Terrace. However, before COVID we had reached scores of people.

In addition to our outreach work, our members enjoy male interactions with our mostly retired members, who can build their own wood or other projects and take part in our Men's Shed projects. Additionally we have a weekly breakfast meeting at a local restaurant. This promotes positive health and well-being for our members.

Vegetables and flowers growing in gardens
Growing veggies & flowers.

Our garden projects have helped our outreach programs with positive outcomes by helping others, while providing a sense of accomplishment for our members.

Learn more about and see additional photos of the Coquitlam Men's Shed by visiting their website and Facebook Page.