The Houston Community Garden is run by Houston Link to Learning and is used as a learning program to teach people about planting, growing, and harvesting their own food.
Houston Family Resource Centre Community Gardens Wide Angle picture
Plenty of beautiful outdoor space to learn & grow.

The majority of our programming during the summer months for Early Years, Family and Adult is built around teaching these concepts throughout the summer. In addition to that we host various learning workshops such as Yoga, Learn & Grow program for 3-6yrs, as well as various other workshop such as Beekeeping, Paint Day, and local medicine plants.

Rows of garden beds at the Houston Family Resource Centre Community Garden
Garden beds, growing food for the community.

We have 28 garden participants. Six of these being other community agencies. We have nine Houston Link to Learning garden beds and a large garden plot that we use for group programming to sell at the Farmers Market. Funds go back into programming.

Kids and Volunteers at Houston Family Resource Centre Community Garden
Teaching younger generations about the joy of gardening.

We aim to address food security issues, continue to educate people on growing their own produce, and increase emotional, physical and mental health and wellness through increased time outdoors. The reward and satisfaction of growing your own food is of great value. Harvesting, storing and preserving is another aspect we want to continue to share.

Houston Family Resource Centre Community Garden Volunteer in the Greenhouse
Growing vegetables in the greenhouse.

Mental, emotional, and physical well-being all benefit with increased time outside. The satisfaction of growing your own food and creating new recipes from food that you have grown your self is a very rewarding process. Learners also benefit from getting to experience a more diverse and nutritious diet of food they may have not otherwise tried.

Planning Whiteboard at Houston Family Resource Centre Community Garden
Planning the garden's irrigation system.

We are very excited this year to be given a grant for a beautification project at our community garden. With those funds we will be able to make the garden more wheelchair accessible as well as improve the functionality and aesthetics of the outdoor space for workshops, yoga and learning environments. We now have a greenhouse that will be used for specific programming through Link to Learning. This is exciting as this opens up many more options of vegetables that can be grown as well as a longer growing season!

Houston Family Resource Centre Community Garden Plot with veggies growing.
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