This Community Roots Spotlight post was submitted by: Shelters International Disaster Response

Seeds of love... a Haiti long term project

Shelters International Disaster Response has been working in Haiti since 2007 in the wake of Hurricane Ike and Hannah. From cleaning wells to rebuilding post-quake, we’ve been there and seen how following through with development, people could thrive rather than merely survive.
For the past three years West Coast Seed has helped Haitian farmers diversify crops and create school gardens as well as community gardens.

Many foods are imported into Haiti that truly don't need to be. We saw that more was possible by teaching Haitians how to grow these foods and make a far more lucrative living.

"From small households with a few packs of seed that becomes something for them to either trade, sell or eat. Every single packet counts."

From our nursery to the handful of kids who are so excited to have either a melon plant or a cherry tomato plant, and an even bigger thrill is a sunflower — things many consider common here are a luxury there.

We also teach farmers and children alike how to maximize crops via companion planting. Developing organic pesticides to replace the toxic ones that ended up in Haiti when we banned them.
It’s truly a joy to go through the markets and slowly see the changes in variety. From one or two types of tomatoes to a rainbow blend.

Thanks to West Coast Seeds, a change is growing!!