Month: December 2017

Homegrown Super Foods

Shanghai Express (Goji)
31 Dec

All homegrown vegetables are nutritious. The fact that you can eat them fresh, just after they have been harvested, means that they will be at the peak of both flavour and nutrient value. But among the many food plants you can grow at home are a handful of homegrown super foods, plants that contain significantly…

Ten Must-Have Seeds for 2018

Golden Sesame Seeds
18 Dec

Well it’s that time of year again… The 2018 Gardening Guide is out in the hands of many gardeners, and providing a glimmer of hope about the coming season. Winter is just about to commence (three more days from the Solstice at the time of writing), but it marks the point when the days begin…

News: The Diamond Family Acquires Pinebush Home & Garden

8 Dec

The Diamond Family, owners of West Coast Seeds, has acquired Pinebush Home & Garden Ltd. We’re excited to work alongside another environmentally-conscious company.   Founded over 8 years ago by the Gerber family, Pinebush is an Ontario based company that distributes its brand of unique and distinctive bird feeders as well as garden tools and accessories throughout Canada and the…

Gifts for Gardeners

1 Dec

All gardeners can appreciate a gift that is thoughtful and useful. From newbies to gardening veterans, we have a gift that any gardener will love. Check out our favourite holiday gifts for gardeners, and consider adding a few to your holiday shopping list.     Indoor Growing Systems At this time of year, most gardeners…

Seeds for a Really Early Start

1 Dec

The weather outdoors is cold and gloomy. Here on the coast it is altogether wet — the ground is sodden and squishy. Elsewhere, the first blankets of snow are falling, and the ground is freezing hard. Only the most spirited of winter gardeners are still making trips to the greenhouse, low tunnels, or raised beds…