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I really enjoy going through the seed selections, and I am happy to see that organic seeds are becoming more common. I also enjoy the recipe section a lot as it inspires me to try out new and delicious veggie based options to add to my diet. Thanks so much for existing!

Natalia 05-02-2014

Very excited to get started! The catalogue is beautiful, online Quick Order is extremely easy to use, and I love that it shows the availability of the products immediately. Shipping options are great. Very happy to be ordering with West Coast Seeds!

Rebecca 04-14-2014

We had great success with all of our seeds last year!! We ordered a lot of your organic varieties and the quality was fantastic! Thank you!!

Jessica 04-06-2014

I use your seeds in my school programs. Growing plots in an indoor Community Garden in the Arctic, with high school students. Last year, we grew over $1,000 worth of our own produce. Your supplies have helped many students develop positive attitudes towards gardening and healthy eating. Thank you!

Patrick 04-01-2014

I loved receiving my last two orders. I really appreciated the thank you notes and gifts included with my order. My second order was placed by phone and it was easy and pain free! Thank certainly brightened my day here in Quebec, still knee deep in snow.

Katharine 03-31-2014

I love the amount of information you supply, it has been an amazing asset to me in the past and am excited to start planting my garden with your seeds this year! The shopping was fun and even with the amazing selection, I was able to narrow down my search to find just what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!

Katy 03-20-2014

I really like how there is so much info on this site and even for each seed type you are looking at. I am new at gardening and I found this site very user friendly and approachable....I am very excited to garden this year. I appreciate the more friendly approach to gardening in regards to dealing with pests etc.

katelynd 03-17-2014

Just re-ordered some additional seeds for my fall garden. Excellent order process and super fast delivery!!

David 03-09-2014

I ordered several wildflower blends last year and all of them did very well in my garden. I am looking forward to spring :) Thanks for a great product!

Michelle 02-28-2014

I placed an order last year and was very pleased with the promptness of delivery and the quality of the products. I will use West Coast Seeds whenever I want to buy seeds. My husband and I grow almost all of our produce, including blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, apples, cherries, plums, and potatoes. I make jams and jellies or freeze the fruit, freeze the beans, peas, etc. and keep the root crops in our crawl space. Our horses supply the organic fertilizer. I am trying planting tomato, pepper and onion seeds this year rather than buying plants or onion sets. My husband built a greenhouse in the garden last summer so I will be able to move the seedlings into the greenhouse when it warms up enough. I am so pleased to be able to buy good quality organic, heirloom and non-GMO seeds locally. Eating healty, non-pesticide, non-GMO food is very important to us and our family. Thank you.

Liz 02-19-2014

I received your catalog Gardening Guide. in lightning fast time.... and its very complete and full of instructions too!! this is a great site and a must for any gardener.!!

Daniel 02-16-2014

W C Seeds provide quality seeds, reliable delivery and friendly, helpful service :)

Sheila 02-16-2014

Fast, easy experience in placing my order. Best selection in my city, and very resourceful website. Keep up the great work!

Shawn 02-15-2014

Big fan of your products! They are attractively packaged, delivery was prompt, and your snow peas last year gave me the confidence to continue growing!

Curtis 02-15-2014

I ordered from you last year and was really happy with the seeds. We had a really wet, cool summer in northern Alberta and they all did really well! Looking forward to trying some new stuff again this year.

Erin 01-31-2014

A friend when I asked where to get GMO free seeds. GMO free is very important to me.

Sarah 01-31-2014

I am so appreciative of the wealth of information included both on the site and in the catalogue--I am just beginning to save seeds, and it is so helpful to have "OP" clearly stated. I love gardening and am happily teaching a new generation to do so; you are a great resource!

Faye 01-27-2014

I buy what seeds they have in stock at Garden Works in Colwood, and order the rest from your catalogue, which I receive in the mail. I love planning my little veggie garden with the help of your gardening guide. All the growing tips are much appreciated.

Linda 01-23-2014

Very happy with the quality of the seeds I received last year and so happy to receive the new catalogue for this year. Thanks for the great service. Good luck with another busy season ahead. Kind regards!

Ingrid 01-20-2014

Have had great experience with West Coast Seeds in last few years. Very happy with my orders, timely delivery, and large variety with organic/Heirloom selection. Thanks as always!

Tara 01-12-2014

Always very pleased with quality of merchandise and service. Highly recommended you to family and friends.

verena 01-12-2014

I ordered seeds last year. Results were fantastic!

Marylynn 01-12-2014

Thank you so much for your excellent website. I have had a hard time understanding how to choose the right seeds and planting times for cover crops. Your article about green manure/cover crops really helped me! I appreciate all the work and detailed information on your website. It makes for an excellent resource!

Dinah 09-14-2013

I have been a customer for 25 years. I still buy more of your seeds than any others. Thank you for all the gardening help and resources over the years.

Judy 09-05-2013

I was really happy with the seeds from spring, decided to get garlic as well for the fall.

Cameron 08-25-2013

Great company - great service and wonderful selection as well as gardening information.

Katherine 08-25-2013

My experiences with West Coast Seeds have all be positive. I would not hesitate to recommend your web site to friends looking to purchase gardening products. The helpful information added throughout the site is useful and appreciated. Thanks!

Susan 08-23-2013

I received my order today and I'm thrilled with everything. The thank you card and package of flower seeds was a perfect touch. I can't wait to start next year's garden and will be planting my winter kale today! Thank you for excellent and fast service! My sister-in-law orders from you and is also pleased with your product and service. I decided to give it a try and am very glad I did. I forgot a couple of things so will be placing another order soon.

Lloydene 08-22-2013

This site is great! I love the descriptions and growing tips for each plant. I ordered all of my seeds from West Coast Seeds in spring of 2013. Everything was well packaged for shipping, arrived quickly and germination rates were excellent for all seeds. Customer service was also wonderful. I recommend this site to all of my gardener friends.

Jen 08-09-2013

Thank you for the gentleman that helped me with Autumn blooming flowers. He was very nice in helping me find the flowers that would work for me to cover up the front of the house after bad pruning of shrubs. Thanks for your help. I will shop from you again. Thanks.

IRIS 07-18-2013

Always great seeds! We have some that we have kept and used each year for a couple years at a time before we order more! Great selection too.

leslie 05-29-2013

This is the first year I ahve ordered from WCS and was beyond impressed with everything I have seen thus far! I had my seeds arrive within a few days and I was able to sneak in a couple of things that were forgotten, before my order had shipped (I ordered on the long easter weekend) Emails have been returned promptly and the customer service is amazing! Not to mention the information!! I mean ~WOW~ I am so happy I ordered from a local company who can taylor to my planting needs :) Thank you West Coast Seed!

Jessica 04-07-2013

I have been vegetable gardening for many years. I start my plants from seed, in the house, and then either move them to the greenhouse or directly into the garden. Being on the East coast, I have always purchased my seeds from a company in PEI. This is my first year buying seeds from your company. I cannot believe the difference - the seeds I received from you have germinated much more quickly and the seedlings appear to be much more vigorous. Of course, this is just the beginning of the growing season, but I am optimistic about the coming growth stages. I will keep you posted about my experience with your products.

Wendy 03-25-2013

My grade one teacher (Beverly Gale) gave me a copy of the West Coast Seeds catalogue and said this is who I should order my seeds through. It's been nearly 35 years since I entered the doors of her classroom, and it appears as though i still haven't left.

Orval 03-01-2013

Love the website and ease of navigation. The descriptions of the various vegetables/flowers and how best to grow them are not only very useful, but inspiring. I also phoned about a specific soil amendment and received excellent and comprehensive advice. Thank you!

Monica 02-18-2013

I love your seeds! I have excellent results and great germination. Thanks for you great service and your wonderful seeds.

kate 02-16-2013

Thanks! Your website is easy to use and your catalogue is a font of information and inspiration. And your seeds are pretty nifty too.

Lisa 02-15-2013

I like the new interactive catalogue very much - especially that the items open in different windows but then still add to the same cart. Excellent and easy, and works just fine on mobile with no glitches. Thanks!

Kaedra 01-13-2013

I receive your guardening guide in the mail every year, and I have to say that I LOVE your planting chart! I have never seen this provided from any other company, and I am constantly utilizing it to plan my guarden. Your seeds are fantastic, but this simple guide is what has made me a loyal customer!

Brooke 01-10-2013

I was trying to find a unique gift to order for my dad for Fathers Day. Its difficult to find places that I can order from, pay in US funds and ship to my parents in Canada. I try to be creative and do different things for him other then sending flowers or sweets. He is an avid gardener and I thought, why not some organic seeds?!?! You site worked perfectly, I loved that you had the "gifts for gardeners" section, which made shopping a breeze!! I will certainly remember this in the future!

MONICA 06-16-2012

I appreciate the information provided in your seed catalogue. It is my main garden guide. I have also had success with most seeds and find your website excellent and easy to order from. My favourite seeds from last year were Taxi tomatoes and Tema bush beans. Good growth and productivity, excellent taste!

Nancy 01-16-2012

I just want to say how I love your company! The service is awesome and the seeds germinate as advertised. I do hope you continue selling to Americans. You have varieties that we can\'t find here. Oliver is one of my favorites, but the American companies no longer carry it. My Brussels are looking spectacular! Thanks again.

April 08-11-2011

THANK YOU FOR EXISTING! (Pardon the poor etiquette, but I wanted to shout it!) I would like to add, the seeds I purchased have transformed a barren, sandy bank into an amazing, wild thing of beauty. Thanks again.

Devon 07-27-2011

If you have a I <3 West Coast Seeds bumper sticker we would like one. You guys are the best!

Krisztina 06-09-2011

I am happy that this kind of service is available to us, specially because your business has the item that I couldn't find anywhere. Thanks for stocking those special items (seeds) that are hard to find.

Maria-elena 06-02-2011

I choose West Coast Seeds first for my garden. I appreciate the fact that the varieties are friendly to our climate, and the gardening advice in the catalogue or when I've asked for help on the phone has been excellent.

Gloria 05-03-2011

Dear West Coast Seeds,
I just wanted to write a small letter of thanks on behalf of myself and the people of Nepal.  For the last number of years I have been working among the resource poor of Nepal.  I have primarily worked in remote villages and leprosy hospitals, helping locals grow their own nutritious produce for their own consumption and sale.  By bringing in the seeds from WCS, I have been helping farmers diversify their production as well as help them sell new things in the market.  The trend among farmers here is towards expensive hybrid seeds imported from China or India but by bringing in high yielding and disease resistant open pollinated varieties from WCS, farmers have not had to spend such a large proportion of their income on seeds from abroad.
In one area the locals call me the “seed man” because of the various seed trials that I have done in conjunction with farmers.  We were trying some new squash varieties and one variety in particular was extremely productive.  When the farmer brought his produce to the market, nobody knew what to think.  So there he sat on his big pile of squash waiting for customers and then finally a brave soul bought and tasted one of his wares…and then he was sold out almost instantly.   Several hundred kilometers away a lady in a different and more remote area was given some seeds including some pea seeds from WCS.  The area that this lady was living in is famous for food shortages and droughts.  A year later I heard reports that the peas were unbelievable, both high yielding and possible to grow for a longer season than the local peas.
Admittedly not every vegetable from WCS has performed as well as the two above stories would indicate.  Vegetables can be pretty particular to site and conditions and that is something that I and the Nepali people have been figuring out.  Over the years we have been selecting among the donated WCS seeds for those vegetables that will improve the livelihoods of those who grow them.  It has been fun and challenging and I wouldn’t trade my work for anything else.  Memories like that of an amazed Nepali friend jumping to try to touch the top of an Alderman Tall Telephone Pea will last a long time.  We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the donated seeds and the memories that they have created.
Andrew Burkinshaw    


Although I live in Northwestern Ontario - a vastly different climate from the West Coast - I have found your seeds produce the best results in my garden, year after year. Last summer was very wet and cold here, and likely because I had varieties selected for a similar coastal climate, I had the most amazing, bountiful garden I've ever had while other veteran gardeners here had complete failures. You provide the greatest selection of organic and heirloom seeds - great for my bees, great for my family! I LOVE WCS!!!

Teika 01-23-2010

Thank you for your great service! Your website is amazing and an absolute pleasure to look at, browse through and find all sorts of interesting vegetable varieties. Very insightful. Lots of pertinent information. I love the companion planting tab. I used the seed longevity to base the amount I purchased in my order. Thank you for having all this in one location. Tremendous amount of research done here, and it was all helpful. The pictures sold it for me. Michelle

Michelle 08-21-2009

Thanks so much for what you do! You help me, a novice gardener, and take quite a bit of guesswork out of what will and won't work here.

Katrina 07-22-2009
I've known about you for a long time and bought your seeds from the local nurseries. Your seeds really work on the south coast and that is why I like them. Not only do I like your website, but I have found it to be one of the best if not the best to deal with. I found EVERYTHING very quickly. Maybe your web team could help other companies out with their website disasters! Looking forward to the seeds that I ordered from you. Cheers! Marek Marek 02-09-2009

Dear Ms. Ballon,

I wish to thank you for the recent opportunity to explore your beautiful farm and research centre. Your generosity in allowing me to harvest some of the vegetables from the fields is much appreciated.

I found the visit to your farm a hugely soul-satisfying time for me. This experience was a beautiful gift in both seeing the beauty of the season, as well as feeling the rhythm of the circle on the land. As I have recently re-entered the unemployment line, the trip to our farm really helped centre myself toward my goals ahead.

This summer I had a 'trial' garden on the balcony of my high-rise apartment. I grew some bush beans, snow peas, Swiss chard, strawberries, and herbs, along with a few flowers. This was a positive growing experiment with the gradual harvest, as well as the grounding effect of nurturing these plants.

With the recent visit to your farm and research centre, I have seen some of your exciting achievements. In having the chance to taste the many different tomatoes you grow, I now will search for a shady place to grow those robustly delicious Tumbler tomatoes on my south-facing balcony.

Once more I wish to express my gratitude to you.

Yours truly,


Thank you very much for your generous donations and support of our project. A very special thank-you for letting us glean some of your beautiful organic vegetables for the Food Bank and our Harvest Fair fundraiser.

Your contributions have been an important part of our successful harvest season. Thanks to all the folks at West Coast Seeds!

From all of us at the Richmond Fruit Tree Sharing Project


Dear Mary,

Thank you so much for coming to speak to our Club members this evening. Our group of keen gardeners really enjoy the type of information you gave them tonight. Your energy, vision as well as the distribution and availability of your top seeds is what makes you a success. Thank you for sharing that passion with us.

Sincerely, Josee


Thank you for your donation of zucchini seeds for our students. The students are looking forward to growing their own zucchini plants over the summer. We will expect the children to bring in many zucchinis during Open House in September.

Thanks again,


Love your service- good products, a variety of organic seeds, the quality is there.

Margaret 11-30--0001