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Summer Squash
The thin-skinned summer squash have few calories and many uses in the kitchen. The thick-skinned winter squash have darker flesh and are a prime source of beta-carotene and minerals. (Family: Curcurbitaceae)

Winter Squash
Grown in summer they develop a firm skin that protects the squash for winter storage and eating. Field-cure for 10 days in the sun, or cure indoors in a warm room for 4-5 days. To prevent mould, sponge the skins with clean water before storage.

Squash cross-pollinate within a species. This won't affect this year's fruit, but if you grow 2 varieties of C. pepo, for instance, the fruit will have seeds that, if planted, will grow next year into a fruit that does not resemble what you harvested this year. To save seeds, grow only 1 variety of a species at a time.

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