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Luscious Organic

Luscious Organic

CERTIFIED ORGANIC! This is the ideal bicolour (yellow and white kernels) on a 2m (5') tall plant. The kernels are tender and the ears will hold their sweetness for two weeks after harvest if they are properly cooled and refrigerated. Luscious is a tablesweet (TR) variety, which are sugary corns bred conventionally from a South American heritage variety for enhanced sweetness. The big, blunt 20cm (8") cobs are well wrapped, have 16 rows, and form high on the tall plants for ease of picking.
Matures in 80 days. (Table Sweet hybrid seeds)

CN377 A (10g) approximately 60 seeds
CN377 B (50g) approximately 300 seeds
CN377 C (225g) approximately 1350 seeds
CN377 D (1kg) approximately 6000 seeds

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