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Epazote Organic

Epazote Organic

Dysphania ambrosiodes
CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Essential in Mexican bean dishes as a rich flavouring agent as well as an anti-flatulent. Use 2 Tbsp. fresh leaves to 5 cups of cooked beans but only in the last 15 minutes of cooking. Dries well, or bring a plant indoors to over-winter for fresh leaves.

Note: In significant quantities, Epazote is poisonous. While it is safe to use as a culinary herb in small quantities, overuse can cause deafness, vertigo, paralysis, incontinence, sweating, jaundice, and even death. It is to be avoided by pregnant women and small children.

HR1087 A (0.1g) approximately 500 seeds
HR1087 B (2g) approximately 10000 seeds
HR1087 C (7g) approximately 35000 seeds

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