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Baby Blue Hubbard

Baby Blue Hubbard

(C. maxima)
Baby Blue hubbard squash seeds produce a vine that bears small, 3-4kg (7-9 lb) hubbard squashes with tasty orange flesh. The attractive, slate-blue skins mature to become very hard, meaning hubbard squashes have some of the best keeping ability. A delicious squash for the home or market gardener.
Matures in 100 days. (open pollinated seeds)

SQ748A (2g) approx. 10 seeds

SQ748B (15g) approx. 75 seeds

SQ748C (30g) approx. 150 seeds

SQ748D (100g) approx. 500 seeds

Item No Product Weight Est.Seed Ct Price Qty.
SQ748A Baby Blue Hubbard (Available) 2 g 10 2.99  
SQ748B Baby Blue Hubbard (Available) 15 g 75 6.99  
SQ748C Baby Blue Hubbard (Available) 30 g 150 9.99  
SQ748D Baby Blue Hubbard (Available) 100 g 500 19.99  
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