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We like Gladiator for its quick germination and early growth; it is bigger and more vigorous right from the beginning. Gladiator is wide at the top with a short body. It is tender and delicious even to the largest sizes, with no core. Canker resistant.
Matures in 110 days. (hybrid seeds)

PN581 A (1g) approximately 205 seeds
PN581 B (5g) approximately 1025 seeds
PN581 C (25g) approximately 5125 seeds
PN581 D (100g) approximately 20500 seeds
PN581 E (500g) approximately 102500 seeds

Full Sun Winter Gardening
Item No Product Weight Est.Seed Ct Price Qty.
PN581A Gladiator (Available) 1 g 210 3.99  
PN581B Gladiator (Available) 5 g 1050 9.99  
PN581C Gladiator (Available) 25 g 5250 21.99  
PN581D Gladiator (Available) 100 g 20500 129.99  
PN581E Gladiator (Available) 500 g 105000 261.99  
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