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Tokyo Bekana

Tokyo Bekana

CERTIFIED ORGANIC! A very nice, slightly curled mustard with light green, ruffled leaves. Although this HEIRLOOM variety can be grown to full size for cooking, the baby leaves are spectacular raw, and work particularly well in salad mixes for the market. Tokyo Bekana is sometimes listed as "small Chinese cabbage," but it's closer to lettuce in texture, with a surprisingly sweet flavour that is neither hot (like some other mustards) or bitter (like some lettuces). At full size, its delicate leaves develop succulent white petioles, making it good for bunching. As if all that weren't enough, it does not bolt in summer, and is hardy enough to grow all winter if you provide some cover.
Matures in 40 days. (open pollinated seeds)

MU554 A (1g) approximately 353 seeds
MU554 B (5g) approximately 1765 seeds
MU554 C (25g) approximately 8825 seeds
MU554 D (125g) approximately 44125 seeds
MU554 E (500g) approximately 176500 seeds

Container Gardening Easy to Grow Winter Gardening Suitable for Microgreens
Item No Product Weight Est.Seed Ct Price Qty.
MU554A Tokyo Bekana (Available) 1 g 353 2.99  
MU554B Tokyo Bekana (Available) 5 g 1765 4.99  
MU554C Tokyo Bekana (Available) 25 g 8825 8.99  
MU554D Tokyo Bekana (Available) 125 g 44125 29.99  
MU554E Tokyo Bekana (Available) 500 g 176500 94.99  
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