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Merlot Organic

Merlot Organic

Looseleaf Lettuce
Deep and shiny purple-red savoyed leaves with slightly wavy edges hold open and upright on this CERTIFIED ORGANIC variety. It displays complete downy mildew resistance and is extremely slow to bolt. Merlot is the reddest of all our lettuces.
Matures in 55 days. (open pollinated seeds)

LT474 A (0.5g) approximately 463 seeds
LT474 B (2g) approximately 1850 seeds
LT474 C (15g) approximately 13875 seeds
LT474 D (100g) approximately 92500 seeds

Container Gardening Partial Shade Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens
Item No Product Weight Est.Seed Ct Price Qty.
LT474A Merlot Organic (Available) 0.5 g 463 3.99  
LT474B Merlot Organic (Available) 2 g 1850 7.99  
LT474C Merlot Organic (Available) 15 g 13875 32.99  
LT474D Merlot Organic (Available) 100 g 92500 136.99  
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