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Amish Deer Tongue

Amish Deer Tongue

Looseleaf Lettuce
We love this HEIRLOOM variety! It held very well in the heat. The unique upright shape also garnered lots of attention. The wonderfully tasty baby leaf is perfect for salads. Dark green triangular leaves have thin midribs, a lovely texture, a nutty flavour, and cover a crunchy inner heart. Dates back to 1840.
Matures in 31 days. (open pollinated seeds)

LT486 A (1g) approximately 785 seeds
LT486 B (5g) approximately 3925 seeds
LT486 C (25g) approximately 19625 seeds
LT486 D (100g) approximately 787500 seeds
LT486 E (500g) approximately 392500 seeds

Container Gardening Partial Shade Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens
Item No Product Weight Est.Seed Ct Price Qty.
LT486A Amish Deer Tongue (Available) 1 g 785 2.99  
LT486B Amish Deer Tongue (Available) 5 g 3925 4.49  
LT486C Amish Deer Tongue (Available) 25 g 19625 9.99  
LT486D Amish Deer Tongue (Available) 100 g 78500 22.99  
LT486E Amish Deer Tongue (Available) 500 g 392500 69.99  
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Tickled by Deer Tongue
Submitted by Edmontonian on February 27, 2012
Overall Rating :
5 out of 5 (Overall Rating)

Amish Deer Tongue lettuce is superb. Great when small, it gets sweetly crunchy as it matures. Slow to bolt. I have recommended it to others and they concur in my opinion.
Reviewer Information
Location: Edmonton
Would recommend: Yes
Type of gardening: Small Garden
Gardening skill: Moderately skilled
Types of plants:
Gardening experience: 10+ years