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Fortex Filet

Fortex Filet

This stringless French pole bean produces exceptionally long, medium-green pods that grow to over 27cm (11”). Fortex can also be harvested at 15-20cm (6-8”) for extra slender “filet” beans. The delicate, sweet flavour is wonderful served fresh or frozen. For fine restaurants and fresh market. A vigorous climber.
Matures in 70 days. (open pollinated seeds)

BN132 A (15g) approximately 30 seeds
BN132 B (50g) approximately 120 seeds
BN132 C (100g) approximately 200 seeds
BN132 D (250g) approximately 500 seeds
BN132 E (500g) approximately 1000 seeds

Full Sun
Item No Product Weight Est.Seed Ct Price Qty.
BN132A Fortex Filet (Available) 15 g 30 4.99  
BN132B Fortex Filet (Available) 50 g 130 9.99  
BN132C Fortex Filet (Available) 100 g 260 16.99  
BN132D Fortex Filet (Available) 250 g 650 39.99  
BN132E Fortex Filet (Available) 500 g 1300 49.99  
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Growing Details


Pole Bean Fortex
Submitted by vegie queen on July 14, 2014
Overall Rating :
5 out of 5 (Overall Rating)

Planted May 2. Wow; prolific in production, good in heat @ July 14. Long pencil thin pods, grow to 12" still pencil thin if you turn your back on them. Delicious. Turn darker green when cooked. V. Good as cold finger food on hot day.
Reviewer Information
Location: North Vancovuer
Would recommend: Yes
Type of gardening: Large Garden
Gardening skill: Moderately skilled
Types of plants: Vegetables
Gardening experience: 10+ years