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Fortex Filet

Fortex Filet

This stringless French pole bean produces exceptionally long, medium-green pods that grow to over 27cm (11”). Fortex can also be harvested at 15-20cm (6-8”) for extra slender “filet” beans. The delicate, sweet flavour is wonderful served fresh or frozen. For fine restaurants and fresh market. A vigorous climber.
Matures in 70 days. (open pollinated seeds)

BN132 A (15g) approximately 30 seeds
BN132 B (50g) approximately 130 seeds
BN132 C (100g) approximately 260 seeds
BN132 D (250g) approximately 650 seeds
BN132 E (500g) approximately 1300 seeds

Full Sun
Item No Product Weight Est.Seed Ct Price Qty.
BN132A Fortex Filet (Available) 15 g 30 4.99  
BN132B Fortex Filet (Available) 50 g 130 9.99  
BN132C Fortex Filet (Available) 100 g 260 16.99  
BN132D Fortex Filet (Available) 250 g 650 39.99  
BN132E Fortex Filet (Available) 500 g 1300 49.99  
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