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Royal Burgundy

Royal Burgundy

A vigorous sprouter that grows well in cool conditions, its pretty purple flowers keep blooming to provide a long harvest. Dark purple 13cm (5") pods are held off the ground by strong, upright plants. The pods turn green after cooking. Seeds are beige.
Matures in 60 days. (open pollinated seeds)

BN115 A (25g) approximately 75 seeds
BN115 B (100g) approximately 300 seeds
BN115 C (250g) approximately 750 seeds
BN115 D (1kg) approximately 3000 seeds
BN115 E (5kg) approximately 15000 seeds

Full Sun
Item No Product Weight Est.Seed Ct Price Qty.
BN115A Royal Burgundy (Available) 25 g 75 2.99  
BN115B Royal Burgundy (Available) 100 g 300 5.49  
BN115C Royal Burgundy (Available) 250 g 750 6.99  
BN115D Royal Burgundy (Available) 1000 g 3000 12.99  
BN115E Royal Burgundy (Available) 5000 g 15000 49.99  
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