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Mentha x piperata
Hot, rich mint aroma issues from the crushed or dried leaves of this spreading perennial plant. Consider growing it in containers, as it will become hard to control over the years. Both the leaves and flowers can be dried for teas or use in stews and sauces. Peppermint grows well in moist soil in full sun to heavy shade.

HR1090 A (0.25g) approximately 2775 seeds
HR1090 B (2g) approximately 22200 seeds
HR1090 C (5g) approximately 55500 seeds
HR1090 D (25g) approximately 277500 seeds
HR1090 E (100g) approximately 1110000 seeds
HR1090 F (500g) approximately 5550000 seeds

Container Gardening Benificials Edible
Item No Product Weight Est.Seed Ct Price Qty.
HR1090A Peppermint (Available) 0.25 g 2775 2.99  
HR1090B Peppermint (Available) 2 g 22200 9.99  
HR1090C Peppermint (Available) 5 g 55500 19.99  
HR1090D Peppermint (Available) 25 g 277500 89.99  
HR1090E Peppermint (Available) 100 g 1110000 224.99  
HR1090F Peppermint (Available) 500 g 5550000 774.99  
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