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Italian Porcelain

Italian Porcelain

Allium ophioscorodon
The basic Italian hardneck, this Porcelain garlic produces large bulbs with easy-to-peel purple cloves that do wonders for Mediterranean cooking.

HR1159 A Package contains 3 garlic bulbs
HR1159 B Package contains 6 garlic bulbs
HR1159 C Package contains 12 garlic bulbs

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Overwintering Easy to Grow
Item No Product Weight Est.Seed Ct Price Qty.
HR1159A Italian Porcelain (Available) 225 g 3 11.95  
HR1159B Italian Porcelain (Available) 450 g 6 22.95  
HR1159C Italian Porcelain (Available) 900 g 12 42.95  
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