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Goldkrone Organic

Goldkrone Organic

CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Especially high yielding and late flowering tetraploid type dill appropriate for open field growing, cut flowers, pickling, market tables, or casual use in the home garden.

HR1082 A (1g) approximately 1160 seeds
HR1082 B (5g) approximately 5800 seeds
HR1082 C (25g) approximately 29000 seeds
HR1082 D (100g) approximately 116000 seeds
HR1082 E (500g) approximately 580000 seeds

Benificials Full Sun Edible Suitable for Microgreens
Item No Product Weight Est.Seed Ct Price Qty.
HR1082A Goldkrone Organic (Available) 1 g 706 2.99  
HR1082B Goldkrone Organic (Available) 5 g 3530 4.99  
HR1082C Goldkrone Organic (Available) 25 g 17650 8.99  
HR1082D Goldkrone Organic (Available) 100 g 70600 18.99  
HR1082E Goldkrone Organic (Available) 500 g 353000 54.99  
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