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Santo Long Standing

Santo Long Standing

Coriandrum sativum
Also known as Chinese parsley. Direct-sow these frost-tolerant, slow-bolting plants every other week from spring to late summer for continuous harvest. The parsley-like leaves are used in Latin American and Asian cooking. The mature seeds, known as coriander, are also used in many dishes. Best direct-seeded. With a bit of cover it will cheerfully overwinter. Grows to hieght of 50 cm (20 inch).

HR1073 A (1g) approximately 68 seeds
HR1073 B (5g) approximately 510 seeds
HR1073 C (25g) approximately 2550 seeds
HR1073 D (100g) approximately 10200 seeds
HR1073 E (500g) approximately 51000 seeds
HR1073 F (1000g) approximately 102000 seeds

Container Gardening Full Sun Winter Gardening Suitable for Microgreens
Item No Product Weight Est.Seed Ct Price Qty.
HR1073A Santo Long Standing (Available) 1 g 68 2.99  
HR1073B Santo Long Standing (Available) 5 g 510 3.99  
HR1073C Santo Long Standing (Available) 25 g 2550 5.49  
HR1073D Santo Long Standing (Available) 100 g 10200 8.99  
HR1073E Santo Long Standing (Available) 500 g 51000 24.99  
HR1073F Santo Long Standing (Available) 1000 g 102000 32.99  
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