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Good Bug, Bad Bug

Good Bug, Bad Bug

By Jessica Walliser
"Who's who, what they do, and how to manage them organically." This book is a great departure from the traditional insect field guides. Its durable, covered ring binding and thick stock makes it possible to carry into the garden with you to compare the bug on your plant to the bug in the detailed colour photo. Furthermore, the book is nicely divided between garden creatures that are definitely pests, and ones that are beneficial, and worth encouraging. Each entry includes a basic description, how to identifiy damage, which plants are typically attacked, biological controls, preventative actions, and organic product controls. In the beneficials section, Walliser covers a general description, life cycle, pests they control, and how to attract and keep them. We really liked this book as a useful garden tool, and the committed organic approach of the author wins extra credits. 92 pages.

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