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Unlike sprouts, that are germinated and grown in water, microgreens are started in soil, and harvested at the seedling size. They are packed with nutrition and flavour, and add an interesting way to serve raw greens - either as a tossed salad, a garnish, or simply sprinkled over a meal to add a bit of crunch. Because they are grown in soil and do not need to grow quickly (like sprouts), the possibilities are nearly endless. Everything from basil to carrots to sunflower microgreens can be grown, adding a new dimension to home-grown harvests.

Microgreen Arugula

Microgreen Arugula Container Gardening Suitable for Microgreens

Fast to germinate and fast to grow, arugula microgreens are full of flavour. Rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as calcium, iron, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, and essential amino acids. Arugula greens contain up to 25% protein!

From : $ 9.99 CA

Microgreen Broccoli Organic

Microgreen Broccoli Organic Container Gardening Suitable for Microgreens

CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Delectable crunch and flavour, and packed with all the nutrients of broccoli sprouts. Raw broccoli contains the cancer fighting compound sulforaphane. These microgreens are fast growing for quick harvests. Grow under bright lights for the best results.

From : $ 9.99 CA

Microgreen Mustard

Microgreen Mustard Container Gardening Suitable for Microgreens

Mildly spicy, tender, succulent microgreens that add mild horseradish flavour to salads and blends. Very fast to germinate and grow. Try scattering mustard microgreens over salads for a subtle hit of flavour.

From : $ 9.99 CA

Microgreen Pac Choi

Microgreen Pac Choi Container Gardening Suitable for Microgreens

Somewhere between broccoli and mustard in flavour, but mild and very succulent. A delicious and nutritious topping for stir-fries that matches the flavour profile. Add raw before serving.

From : $ 8.99 CA

Microgreen Pea Shoots

Microgreen Pea Shoots Container Gardening Suitable for Microgreens

Grow delicious pea shoots at home just like you would any other microgreen. Plant these pea seeds in shallow soil, and harvest with scissors once the seedlings are 8-10cm (3-4") tall. Pea shoots are fantastic raw, tossed with a sesame based dressing, in added to stir-fries at the end of cooking. The variety we sell is Dwarf Grey sugar, much coveted for its shoot quality.

Bulk sizes available.

From : $ 9.99 CA

Microgreen Sunflower

Microgreen Sunflower Container Gardening Suitable for Microgreens

Sunflower microgreens are about 25% protein. They are big like mung bean sprouts, with a taste reminiscent of carrots. Add some of these delicious black oil sunflower microgreens to a salad or sandwich, or serve as a refreshing and nutritious side dish.

From : $ 5.29 CA

Microgreen Swiss Chard

Microgreen Swiss Chard Container Gardening Suitable for Microgreens

These bright red microgreens are worth growing just as a general use gourmet garnish. Colour, mild beet flavour, and concentrated nutrition levels for salads or any other meals.

From : $ 14.99 CA

Three Week Microgreen Blend

Three Week Microgreen Blend Container Gardening Suitable for Microgreens

For a blend of truly wild colours and flavours, plant the Three Week Microgreen Blend. Spicy, mild, crunchy, and eyecatching! Use this blend as a salad topper or simple garnish for great visual appeal, plus all of the nutrients and antioxidants of the greens themselves. This blend contains amaranth, komatsuna, shunigku, orach, and giant red mustard. Guaranteed colour and lots of flavour!

MG108 A (50g*)

* We regret the misprinted weight in our 2014 catalogue

From : $ 9.99 CA

Two Week Microgreen Blend

Two Week Microgreen Blend Container Gardening Suitable for Microgreens

Plant this crunchy, highly flavourful blend and enjoy a harvest window of several days - just two weeks after planting! This blend is ideal for use with the Growlight Garden, or even on a bright windowsill. Blend contains arugula, kale, pac choi, radish, mizuna, and fenugreek.

MG106 A (50g*)

* We regret the misprinted weight in our 2014 catalogue

From : $ 9.99 CA