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Note: Our onion and shallot offerings are seeds, not sets. You will enjoy a better harvest, with larger, more flavourful bulbs if you start these plants from seed. The process of producing sets (tiny, dried onion/shallot bulbs) interrupts the growth of the plant, and produces reliable results, but with poorer performance overall.

The bulbing onions we sell are long-day or day-neutral. They will not perform in the southern US where short-day onions are required.

Onions are members of the lily family and have been used for thousands of years for their medicinal properties--more important than the vitamins and minerals they contain. Today, research is showing the value of the anti-oxidants in onions as anti-cancer agents. Onions are photo-periodic: day length triggers bulbing.

Ailsa Craig

Ailsa Craig Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

Huge, straw-yellow globes up to 20cm (8") in diameter! Firm, with mild, sweet flesh, Ailsa is a fairly good storer. Fine textured, excellent for salads and sandwiches. A customer favourite!
Matures in 95 days. (open pollinated seeds)

ON570 A (0.5g) approximately 125 seeds
ON570 B (5g) approximately 1250seeds
ON570 C (25g) approximately 6250 seeds
ON570 D (100g) approximately 25000 seeds
ON570 E (500g) approximately 125000 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA

Ambition Shallot

Ambition Shallot Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

Allium cepa var. aggreatum
Ambition Shallots are a traditional reddish, globe-shaped French shallot, but with a slightly higher shoulder. The delicate flavour of this shallot really comes alive when sautéed with butter! We couldn't believe their large size; peeling them was a breeze.
Matures in 120 days. (hybrid seeds)

ON549 A 75 seeds
ON549 B 250 seeds
ON549 C 1000 seeds
ON549 D 5000 seeds
ON549 E 25000 seeds

From : $ 4.79 CA


Apache Winter Gardening Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

Apache grows just like all the other scallions, but forms a small bulb with deep purple/red skin. Its mild flavour and crisp texture make Apache a great candidate for adding colour and contrast to salads and sandwiches.
Matures in 65 days. (open pollinated seeds)

ON572 A (1g) approximately 270 seeds
ON572 B (5g) approximately 1350 seeds
ON572 C (25g) approximately 6750 seeds
ON572 D (100g) approximately 27000 seeds
ON572 E (500g) approximately 135000 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA


Borettana Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

An HEIRLOOM originating around the town of Boretto in northern Italy, this is a small yellow onion with a unique flat top and squat, flattish, cipolini shape. Borettana will store for up to 5 months, and they braid well for attractive market displays. Flavourful!
Matures in 110 days. (open pollinated seeds)

ON447 A (0.5g) approximately 162 seeds
ON447 B (5g) approximately 1625 seeds
ON447 C (25g) approximately 8375 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA


Calibra Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

MIld, yellow, globe-shaped storage onions that will reach 15cm (6") in diameter by the end of the season. Calibra will store for up to four months, making it a fine choice for home gardens or market growers. Sweet Spanish type.
Matures in 100 days. (open pollinated seeds)

ON564 A (0.5g) approximately 110 seeds
ON564 B (5g) approximately 1100 seeds
ON564 C (25g) approximately 6525 seeds
ON564 D (100g) approximately 22000 seeds

From : $ 4.49 CA


Candy Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

A large, white, day-neutral onion that is easy to grow at any latitude. Big globe onions up to 15cm (6") in daiameter that bulb up nicely. Sweet, mild, and slow to bolt. Fairly good storage ability.
Matures in 85 days. (hybrid seeds)

ON455 A (1g) approximately 220 seeds

From : $ 4.99 CA


Conserver Full Sun

CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Very appealing dark-skinned shallots with high shoulders and a round base. Direct sow Conserver F1 shallot seeds from February to March leaving no more than 8-10cm  (3-4") between plants in the row. Or start some indoors under bright lights for transplanting out in late April/early May. Very flavourful!
Matures in 120 days. (hybrid seeds)

ON550 A 50 seeds
ON550 B 200 seeds
ON550 C 1000 seeds
ON550 D  2500 seeds

From : $ 4.99 CA


Copra Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

Storage Onion
Copra is a very reliable, medium-sized, round onion with dark-yellow skin and a narrow neck. It is the unequalled leader in hard types for long storage. Ours last well into the next summer!
Matures in 104 days. (hybrid seeds)

ON557 A (0.5g) approximately 95 seeds
ON557 B (5g) approximately 945 seeds
ON557 C (25g) approximately 4725 seeds
ON557 D (100g) approximately 21300 seeds
ON557 E (500g) approximately 94500 seeds

From : $ 3.59 CA


Eiffel Container Gardening Full Sun Winter Gardening

Eiffel replaces Ramrod. Like Ramrod scallions, Eiffel produces a nice strong upright-growing White Lisbon type scallion with little or no bulbing at the root end, even in the heat of summer. Eiffel grows straight, with mild, crisp, appealing flavour and good uniformity. Sow some short rows every two weeks from April to the end of September, and you'll have scallions all year long.
Matures in 65 days. (open pollinated seeds)

ON556 A (1g) approximately 284 seeds
ON556 B (5g) approximately 1420 seeds
ON556 C (25g) approximately 7100 seeds
ON556 D (100g) approximately 28400 seeds
ON556 E (500g) approximately 142000 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA


Kelsae Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

For truly enormous onions, choose this hybrid developed in Scotland in the 1950s. Kelsae is a sweet, mild, white onion of the long day variety, suited to growing in northern regions. In 1995 one grower managed the world record of the largest onion ever grown at 16 lbs, 8 1/2 oz. Most growers will not achieve this size, but the bulbs will certainly be large. Kelsae keeps well into the following year.
Matures in 110 days. (hybrid seeds)

ON573 A (0.5g) approximately 136 seeds
ON573 B (2.5g) approximately 625 seeds
ON573 C (5g) approximately 1285 seeds
ON573 D (25g) approximately 6425 seeds

From : $ 4.89 CA


Kincho Full Sun Winter Gardening Suitable for Microgreens

Allium cepa
A standard green onion for summer and fall production, Kinko are Japanese-type scallions with dark-green leaves and tall, straight, single-stalk stems that do not bulb. Increase the white stem length by planting in trenches and hilling up.
Matures in 50 days. (open pollinated seeds)

ON569 A (0.5g) approximately 240 seeds
ON569 B (5g) approximately 2400 seeds
ON569 C (25g) approximately 12000 seeds
ON569 D (100g) approximately 48000 seeds
ON569 E (500g) approximately 240000 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA

Mammoth Improved

Mammoth Improved Full Sun

This monster HEIRLOOM prize-winning onion dates back to the 1800s, and is the classic exhibition variety that can reach a size of 56cm (22") in circumference. That's up to 3kg (6lb) each! Sow seeds indoors at the end of December/January and harden seedlings off for planting out in March or April. Very sweet taste!
Matures in 240 days. (open pollinated seeds)

ON578 A (1g) approximately 100 seeds

From : $ 9.99 CA

Pacific 22

Pacific 22 Winter Gardening Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

Allium cepa
The flavour of Pacific 22 is mild. If it is left to mature, little bulbs start that make great pickling onions. Harvest early for "spring onions." These plants have a vigorous root system and are resistant to many foliar diseases. Protect overwintering plants under a cloche.
Matures in 65 days. (open pollinated seeds)

ON555 A (1g) approximately 280 seeds
ON555 B (5g) approximately 1425 seeds
ON555 C (25g) approximately 7125 seeds
ON555 D (100g) approximately 28500 seeds
ON555 E (500g) approximately 142500 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA

Parade Organic

Parade Organic Winter Gardening Container Gardening

CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Incredible uniformity for an open pollinated variety, with little or no bulbing. Dark green leaves grow vigorously with white stalks that can be made longer by hill up soil around them.
Matures in 70 days. (open pollinated seeds)

ON574 A (0.5) approximately 238 seeds
ON574 B (5g) approximately 2380 seeds
ON574 C (25g) approximately 11900 seeds
ON574 D (100g) approximately 47600 seeds

From : $ 3.59 CA


Ramrod Full Sun Winter Gardening Suitable for Microgreens

Ramrod bunching are a white-bulbing Lisbon-type scallion with stiff, erect leaves. Sow successively through spring, summer and autumn. September-sown seedlings are very cold-hardy and overwinter well for early spring harvests. A high-performance, boldly flavoured variety bred for English gardens, but perfect for the Coast. Chosen by Alan Titchmarsh as a favourite scallion or "salad onion.".
Matures in 65 days, 150 days overwintered. (open pollinated seeds)

ON571 A (1g) approximately 300 seeds
ON571 B (5g) approximately 1500 seeds
ON571 C (25g) approximately 7500 seeds
ON571 D (100g) approximately 30000 seeds
ON571 E (500g) approximately 150000 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA

Red Marble Cipollini

Red Marble Cipollini Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

A versatile variety that can be planted close together to produce attractive red pearl onions, or farther apart to produce true cipollini bulbs around 5cm (2") wide. Bulbs are squat with strong skins and excellent storage ability.
Matures in 105 days. (hybrid seeds)

ON448 A (1g) approximately 309 seeds
ON448 B (5g) approximately 1545 seeds
ON448 C (25g) approximately 7725 seeds

From : $ 3.99 CA

Red Zeppelin

Red Zeppelin Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

Beautiful, large, dark-red onions that are packed with flavour. Red Zeppelin is fast to mature and has an unusually long storage potential for a red onion. Large bulbs with strong tops.
Matures in 90 days from transplant, 110 from direct sowing. (hybrid seeds)

ON445 A (0.5g) approximately 90 seeds
ON445 B (5g) approximately 900 seeds
ON445 C (25g) approximately 4500 seeds
ON445 D (100g) approximately 18000 seeds
ON445 E (500g) approximately 90000 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA


Redwing Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

Storage Onion
The ultimate in a red-skinned storage onion, this one stores nearly as well as Copra. Redwing produces globe-shaped bulbs 7-10cm (3-4") across, with unique deep-red, glossy skins and strong tops. Red onions are milder than yellow ones.
Matures in 110 days. (hybrid seeds)

ON558 A (0.5g) approximately 114 seeds
ON558 B (5g) approximately 1200 seeds
ON558 C (25g) approximately 6000 seeds
ON558 D (100g) approximately 24000 seeds
ON558 E (500g) approximately 114000 seeds

From : $ 3.99 CA

Rossa di Milano

Rossa di Milano Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

An unusual and rare HEIRLOOM from Italy. These storage onions have purple/red skins and a barrel shape, with flat bottoms. Sweet and pungent. Looks sensational when braided for winter use!
Matures in 110 days. (open pollinated seeds)

ON446 A (1g) approximately 325 seeds
ON446 B (5g) approximately 1625 seeds
ON446 C (25g) approximately 8125 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA

Ruby Ring

Ruby Ring Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

Uniform, hard-bodied onions with dark red skins and nicely defined rings. Very good storage potential and ideal for growing in the 35° to 50° latitude. Good, strong flavour.
Matures in 112 days. (hybrid seeds)

ON553 A  100 seeds
ON553 B  1000 seeds
ON553 C  5000 seeds
ON553 D  25000 seeds

From : $ 3.99 CA

Walla Walla

Walla Walla Overwintering Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

The classic large overwintering onion of the Pacific Northwest. A very large, juicy onion with a mild flavour. It can be planted in the spring or in August to overwinter. Spring-planted seeds result in bulbs that are not quite as mild as the overwintered ones, and spring-sown Walla Walla onions may not size up as well. Hardy to -23°C (-10°F).
These untreated seeds are not pelleted. For pelleted seeds, see ON566.
Matures in 150 days, spring sown - 300 days fall sown. (open pollinated seeds)

ON565 A (1g) approximately 250 seeds
ON565 B (5g) approximately 1250 seeds
ON565 C (125g) approximately 31250 seeds
ON565 D (250g) approximately 62500 seeds
ON565 E (500g) approximately 125000 seeds

From : $ 3.29 CA

Walla Walla Pelleted

Walla Walla Pelleted Overwintering Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

Pelleted seeds for easy spacing! Huge and delicious onions! Walla Walla is the classic onion of the Pacific Northwest. Our most popular onion seed.This very large, flattened onion is mild and juicy. Walla Walla can be planted in the spring or in August to overwinter. Spring-planted bulbs are not quite as mild as are fall sown (overwintering) ones.
Matures in 150 days, spring sown - 300 days fall sown. (open pollinated seeds) Overwintering Onion

ON566 A (2.5g) approximately 105 pelleted seeds
ON566 B (25g) approximately 1050 pelleted seeds
ON566 C (125g) approximately 5250 pelleted seeds
ON556 D (500g) approximately 21000 pelleted seeds
ON566 E (1kg) approximately 42000 pelleted seeds

From : $ 3.49 CA

White Wing

White Wing Full Sun

Round, white, jumbo sized bulbs wtih upright tops. White Wing is not day-length dependent, so it will bulb up in any climate with a long enough season. Nice, pungent, medium sized, very firm onions with fantastic storage ability.
Matures in 105 days. (hybrid seeds)

ON560 A (1g) approximately 259 seeds
ON560 B (5g) approximately 1295 seeds
ON560 C (25g) approximately 6475 seeds
ON560 D (100g) approximately 25900 seeds

From : $ 5.99 CA