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A good source of vitamin C, calcium and iron in an easy-to-grow plant that is sweeter and more delicate tasting than any turnip. Raw, it tastes like a mild radish, cooked it tastes like mild cabbage. The edible portion forms above ground-soil insects do not damage it.


Kolibri Full Sun Winter Gardening Suitable for Microgreens

A very uniform selection of kohlrabi with smooth purple skin and crisp white interior. Good for snacks and salads. Cook them as you would carrots.
Matures in 55 days. (hybrid seeds)

KH434 A (0.25g) approximately 40 seeds
KH434 B (2g) approximately 314 seeds
KH434 C (5g) approximately 785 seeds

From : $ 4.99 CA


Kongo Winter Gardening Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

Light-green, uniform bulbs form quickly and stay tender and sweet. The smooth bulbs have sparse foliage and small leaf stems. Pull when under 8cm (3") in diameter for the best eating quality.
Matures in 50 days. (hybrid seeds)

KH431 A (0.5g) approximately 45 seeds
KH431 B (2.5g) approximately 560 seeds
KH431 C (10g) approximately 2240 seeds
KH431 D (100g) approximately 18200 seeds

From : $ 4.99 CA


Superschmeltz Full Sun Winter Gardening Suitable for Microgreens

This giant kohlrabi remains tender up to the largest sizes but must be spaced at least 30cm (1') apart. When it is spaced 60cm (2') apart it can weigh up to 4.5kg (10lb)! Its large root system lets it grow well where water is limited. It handles winter weather well and can be harvested until April from a mid-summer planting.
Matures in 70 days. (open pollinated seeds)

KH432 A (0.5g) approximately 159 seeds
KH432 B (2.5g) approximately 535 seeds
KH432 C (10g) approximately 2140 seeds

From : $ 3.79 CA