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Grow these beautiful big plants in a decorative container in the sunshine for their large and delicious fruits. Yes, eggplants are like tomatoes; although grocery stores carry them in the vegetable section, they are actually pear-shaped berries. They come in glossy black, purple, green, yellow and white as well as a variety of shapes and sizes. Most cultivars need at least 100-150 warm, frost-free days to bear fruit.

Eggplants are an important ingredient in many cuisines. They are the star ingredient in Middle Eastern Baba Ghanoush and one of the vegetables in peasant French ratatouille. Cut them in thin layers and grill them after a light marination of olive oil and spices for a flavour-bursting addition to sandwiches.

Black Beauty Organic

Black Beauty Organic Container Gardening Full Sun

CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Dark purple to almost black skinned, glossy, oblong, large fruits that form early on sturdy plants. Grown for over 100 years, this HEIRLOOM is a heavy producer with up to 12 fruits per plant, but needs lots of heat. Try it under a cloche or with some plastic mulch over the soil.
Matures in 74 days. (open pollinated seeds)

EG414 A (0.25g) approximately 58 seeds
EG414 B (1g) approximately 235 seeds
EG414 C (5g) approximately 1175 seeds
EG414 D (25g) approximately 5875 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA

Eggplant Blend

Eggplant Blend Full Sun Container Gardening

This premium variety pack includes five different eggplants, from the large black to the petite streaked, to the long pale types. Ideal for containers, this blend reveals the diversity of these easy-to-grow fruits. Choose 2-gallon pots or larger, or try them in a raised bed. Well-drained soil is important, but so is good air circulation. Start the seeds indoors in April, and harvest from mid-June into early September!
Matures in 55-80 days. (hybrid & open pollinated seeds)

EG412 A (1g) approximately 280 seeds
EG412 B (5g) approximately 1400 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA


Fairytale Full Sun Container Gardening

2005 AAS Winner! Fairytale is an incredibly attractive dwarf plant only 40-50cm (16-20") tall that will grow well in the garden, in containers, or as an edible landscape feature. Fairytale will consistently produce an abundance of small, striped, pink-on-white eggplants in clusters of 3-5. Harvested at a length of 10cm (4") or smaller, fruit is seedless and almost sweet.
Matures in 50 to 60 days. (hybrid seeds)

EG416 A (0.1g) approximately 27 seeds

From : $ 6.49 CA

Long Purple Eggplant

Long Purple Eggplant Container Gardening Full Sun

This Italian style eggplant produces stocky, productive plants with four or more fruits each. The fruits are long and slender with dark purple skins and a purple calyx. Fruits average 20-25cm (8-10") long, about 6cm (2½") in diameter.
Matures in 60 days. (open pollinated seeds)

EG419 A (0.1g) approximately 28 seeds
EG419 B (1g) approximately 280 seeds
EG419 C (5g) approximately 1400 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA


Millionaire Container Gardening Full Sun

Dark-skinned, shiny, almost black fruits are elongated with a slightly bulbous seed cavity and distinctive purple calyx. Slender fruits are 20-25cm (8-10") long and only about 5cm (2") across. They are produced early on upright plants. High performance and adaptability from this hybrid variety.
Matures in 55 days. (hybrid seeds)

EG418 A (0.1g) approximately 21 seeds
EG418 B (0.5g) approximately 102 seeds
EG418 C (2g) approximately 410 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA

Pumpkin on a Stick

Pumpkin on a Stick Container Gardening Full Sun

Solanum aethiopicum
CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Pumpkin on a Stick is a crazy cousin of the traditional eggplant. The small orange fruits develop along prickly stems that emerge from attractive, bushy plants at the end of summer. The fruits are used in certain Asian dishes, but they are bitter and need to be prepared carefully. We grow them as a simple ornamental eggplants and dry the stems with fruits attached for fall displays. Good in containers and raised beds, and particularly productive in a greenhouse setting. Sow and grow as you would any other eggplant. Also known as Mock Tomato, Hmong Eggplant, and Chinese Scarlet Eggplant. This product is sold by seed count.
Matures in 70 days. (open pollinated seeds)

EG411 A 10 seeds
EG411 B 25 seeds
EG411 C 100 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA

Traviata Organic

Traviata Organic Container Gardening Full Sun

CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Very early, uniform fruits form on big plants for greenhouse or cloche tunnel production. Tasty flesh beneath shiny, dark purple skins on extra large fruits. Productive over a long period! Sold by seed count.
Matures in 58 days. (hybrid seeds)

EG417 A 10 seeds
EG417 B 50 seeds
EG417 C 200 seeds
EG417 D 1000 seeds

From : $ 5.39 CA


Twinkle Container Gardening Full Sun

Nice, small, plum-coloured fruits streaked with cream on very glossy skin. Leaves are soft and plants are spineless. Fruits are at their best when only 5-8cm long. Suitable for large containers. Keep plants and soil as warm as possible for highest productivity.
Matures in 55-65 days. (hybrid seeds)

EG415 A (0.1g) approximately 23 seeds
EG415 B (0.5g) approximately 115 seeds
EG415 C (2g) approximately 460 seeds

From : $ 4.59 CA