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Cauliflower originated in Cyprus and then spread across Europe.

Now China and India are by far the biggest producers, and in Europe, Spain is the biggest grower. In the US, California is the primary producer. There are 4 major groups of cauliflower and the new sub type - orange "cheddar" cauliflower developed in Canada, contains 25 times the level of vitamin A of the regular white varieties. Cauliflower is high in B6, Folate, Vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals.


Amazing Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

Amazing open pollinated cauliflower lives up to its name with its amazing holding ability in the garden. Large heads that hold their texture and flavour in the field, are well protected by big wrapper leaves, so you can harvest as you need.
Matures in 75 days. (open pollinated seeds)

CF306 A (0.1g) approximately 20 seeds
CF306 B (1g) approximately 209 seeds
CF306 C (5g) approximately 1045 seeds
CF306 D (10g) approximately 2090 seeds

Our customer, Anita, reports: "Just a compliment on the Amazing Cauliflower that I grew in 2013. The heads were the best ever, reaching 5 lbs each. Thank you!"

From : $ 3.29 CA


Edith Full Sun

Edith is an early maturing, main season hybrid caulflower that is suitable for spring or fall harvests under a wide range of conditions. Plants are upright, uniform, and vigorous, with creamy-white domed heads. A sound performer.
Matures in 68 days. (hybrid seeds)

CF315 A (0.1g) approximately 31 seeds

From : $ 5.79 CA


Galleon Overwintering Full Sun

This HEIRLOOM Walcheren winter cauliflower was developed in England. Expect to harvest Galleon cauliflower at the end of April and in early May. Heads are 10-15cm (4-6") in diameter on a big plant and will withstand frost from -12° to -19°C (16° to -5°F) depending on wind and snow cover.
Matures in 7 to 9 months. (open pollinated seeds)

CF316 A (0.1g) approximately 24 seeds
CF316 B (1g) approximately 244 seeds
CF316 C (5g) approximately 1220 seeds
CF316 D (10g) approximately 2440 seeds

From : $ 4.99 CA

Goodman Organic

Goodman Organic Full Sun

CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Few open pollinated cauliflower seeds produce such fine, uniform, pure white cauliflower heads as nice as Goodman. The heads are well protected by wrapper leaves and are quick to mature on robust plants that grow to 45cm (18") tall.
Matures in 80-90 days from transplant. (open pollinated seeds)

CF333 A (0.1g) approximately 43 seeds
CF333 B (1g) approximately 435 seeds
CF333 C (5g) approximately 2175 seeds

From : $ 3.79 CA


Graffiti Full Sun

The medium sized heads of this vigorous, uniform, main-season cauliflower are intensely purple, with large, purple wrapper leaves. It looks absolutely stunning when served raw on a veggie platter, but also retains most of its colour when cooked. A novel, nutritious, delicious cauliflower choice!
Matures in 80 days. (hybrid seeds)

CF312 A (0.2g) approximately 48 seeds
CF312 B (1g) approximately 240 seeds

From : $ 7.99 CA

Monte Verde

Monte Verde Full Sun

Grow these chartreuse green heads for something totally outside the cauliflower box. Strong plants with wonderful, rich cauliflower flavour grow upright for summer and fall harvests.
Matures in 60-70 days. (hybrid seeds)

CF305 A (0.1g) approximately 21 seeds
CF305 B (1g) approximately 218 seeds

From : $ 3.99 CA


Rosalind Overwintering Full Sun

Lovely, deep-purple heads of cauliflower are a real novelty. Rosalind can be planted through spring and summer. When cooked, the colour ranges from dark purple to very dark green. Raw, the purple florets are a delight on the dip tray. Seed sized for precision sowing. The purple cauliflower contains anthrocyanin, a potent antioxidant which causes the purple colour and retains more nutrients than white cauliflower varieties.
Matures in 90 days. (open pollinated seeds)

CF340 A (0.2g) approximately 74 seeds
CF340 B (1g) approximately 370 seeds
CF340 C (5g) approximately 1850 seeds

From : $ 4.29 CA


Shasta Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

Performs well on the Coast! Shasta produces solid, dense, semi-dome heads, 13-18cm (5-7") across. High quality florets. Very good inner wrapping leaves partially conceal the heads on these vigorous, upright plants.
Matures in 71 days. (hybrid seeds)

CF320 A (0.1g) approximately 25 seeds
CF320 B (1g) approximately 259 seeds
CF320 C (5g) approximately 1295 seeds
CF320 D (10g) approximately 2590 seeds

From : $ 3.69 CA

Snow Crown

Snow Crown Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

Snow Crown's amazing vigour and rapid growth produce large, fully domed curds or heads with a very mild and sweet flavour. It may be the easiest of all cauliflowers to grow and it maintains table readiness for up to 10 days in the garden. You may notice a slight pink tinge to the white when it matures in the heat of the summer but it still tastes wonderful.
Matures in 56 to 60 days. (hybrid seeds)

CF304 A (0.1g) approximately 27 seeds
CF304 B (1g) approximately 270 seeds
CF304 C (5g) approximately 1350 seeds
CF304 D (10g) approximately 2700 seeds

From : $ 3.59 CA


Sunset Full Sun

Dazzling, bright orange curds form on this round-headed early autumn harvest cauliflower. Sunset is suitable for picking at immature size, too, for baby cauliflower heads.
Matures in 70-75 days. (hybrid seeds)

CF302 A 25 seeds
CF302 B 100 seeds
CF302 C 500 seeds
CF302 D 1000 seeds

From : $ 5.99 CA


Terzolo Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

Terzolo early summer hybrid cauliflower matures before Fremont and Concept. Uniform quality and appearance, dense white curds with rich flavour and leaves that wrap well.
Matures in 62 days. (hybrid seeds)

CF301 A (0.25g) approximately 63 seeds
CF301 B (1g) approximately 255 seeds
CF301 C (5g) approximately 1275 seeds
CF301 D (10g) approximately 2550 seeds

From : $ 3.99 CA

White Cauliflower Blend

White Cauliflower Blend Full Sun Suitable for Microgreens

We have blended together 3 cauliflower varieties to give the home gardener a long harvest period from just 1 planting. When thinning your transplants, be sure to leave some slower-growing plants so all maturity dates are included.

CF300 A (0.5g) approximately 75 seeds

From : $ 4.99 CA