Bloom time: Summer to frost.

Grow zinnias for their intense colours and extravagant, rounded flowers. These bold, huge flowers are excellent for cutting. Sow them around your sunflowers. The Zinnia was named after Johann Gottfried Zinn (1727-1759). Flowers of the Zinnia are found in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Most common are the multi-petaled ball shaped blossoms and the daisy shaped blossoms. Blossom sizes range from ½"-3" inches across. Zinnias are a wonderful, highly colorful mass flower for summer arrangements.

California Giants Mix

California Giants Mix Full Sun Benificials Container Gardening

Half-Hardy Annual (HHA)
These zinnias are bushy plants that carry masses of double flowers in brilliant hues: red, yellow, orange, lavender, maroon, violet, and white. Growing to a height of up to 1 m (39inches) these plants are a real show stopper. The red and pink zinnias seem to be particularly attractive to butterflies.

FL3486 A (1g) approximately 136 seeds
FL3486 B (5g) approximately 680 seeds
FL3486 C (25g) approximately 3250 seeds
FL3486 D (125g) approximately 17000 seeds
FL3486 E (500g) approximately 90000 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA


Envy Full Sun Benificials Container Gardening

Half-Hardy Annual (HHA)
This splendid unique zinnia is much sought after with its chartreuse green petals on semi-double flowers that grow up to 10cm (4") across. The elegant flowers are wonderful in a vase. Easy to grow.

FL3508 A (1g) approximately 145 seeds
FL3508 B (5g) approximately 725 seeds
FL3508 C (10g) approximately 1450 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA

Giant Blue Point Formula

Giant Blue Point Formula Full Sun Container Gardening Benificials

Half-Hardy Annual (HHA)
A special blend for the cut flower grower and owners of big vases! Giant Blue Point Zinnias produce dahlia-flowered zinnias with tall stems in large double blooms. Crimson red, lilac, rose, canary yellow, deep red, white and orange. This is the earliest flowering variety. These zinnias are long blooming with excellent disease resistance. Picking off the dead flowers will increase the blooms.

FL3505 A (1g) approximately 110 seeds
FL3505 B (5g) approximately 550 seeds
FL3505 C (25g) approximately 2750 seeds

FL3505D (125g) approximately 13750 seeds

FL3505E (500g) approximately 55000 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA

Peppermint Stick

Peppermint Stick Container Gardening Full Sun Benificials

Big double dahlia-like flowers. Super colourful pompons in pink, cream, white, and gold. Each flower is uniquely striped and flecked with darker colours, so no two are exactly the same. What a beauty! Plant height to 70cm (28").

FL3504 A (1g) approximately 170 seeds
FL3504 B (5g) approximately 850 seeds
FL3504 C (25g) approximately 4250 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA

Red Beauty

Red Beauty Container Gardening Full Sun Benificials

CERTIFIED ORGANIC! 75cm (30") Amazing, dahlia-like, brilliant red blooms to 12cm (4.5") across. Upright plants with strong stems and excellent vase life. Incredible disease resistance.

FL3506 A (1g) approximately 160 seeds
FL3506 B (5g) approximately 800 seeds
FL3506 C (25g) approximately 4000 seeds
FL3506 D (125g) approximately 20000 seeds

From : $ 4.39 CA