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Bloom time: Summer to frost - particularly if sown several times in spring.

This fast growing annual looks like a perennial shrub covered with masses of large hibiscus like blooms which are 7-10cm (3-4 inches) across.


Loveliness Full Sun

Hardy Annual (HA)
A taller, bushy annual mallow that grows to 90cm (36"), with many branching stems. Scores of deep rose-pink flowers appear from late summer into autumn, with a bright, waxy appearance something like tropical Hibiscus flowers. Seeds are easy to sow and easy to harvest. Flowers to 10cm (4") wide.

FL2907 A (1g) approximately 155 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Full Sun

Lavatera trimestris
Stunning the garden, these snowy white mallows make excellent cut flowers. Gleaming white, shallow cups glow in the moonlight. Germinates in 15 to 20 days in warm soil that barely covers the seed. Plant height 60cm (2ft).

FL2905 A (0.25g) approximately 48 seeds
FL2905 B (1g) approximately 192 seeds
FL2905 C (10g) approximately 1920 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA

Silver Cup

Silver Cup Full Sun

Hardy Annual (HA)
Large, waxy, hibiscus-like flowers form on this 70cm (28") tall, bushy annual. The pale pink flowers are 10cm (4") across with radial, whitish indentations emerging from the center. Grow in full sun and deadhead regularly. Avoid nitrogen rich soils or fertilizer.

FL2906 A (0.25g) approximately 25 seeds
FL2906 B (1g) approximately 100 seeds
FL2906 C (5g) approximately 500 seeds

From : $ 2.99 CA