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Certified Organic

Certified Organic Seeds

Unless a variety is marked CERTIFIED ORGANIC, it has been raised conventionally. Many of our seeds are grown organically and these are marked in the description of the variety. We are certified by the Pacific Agriculture Certification Society and our number is 16-205.

West Coast Seeds is a Certified Handler of Organic Seed, meaning that we have obtained organic certificates from our seed suppliers and that there is a clear paper trail between the seeds we purchase and the seeds we sell. In addition, we do certification checks to prevent organic seeds from being contaminated (fungicides, rodenticides or other sources of contamination) or confused with non-organic seed during handling.

Organic Growers
If you require a copy of our Certified Handler Certificate for your CB, please let us know on your order and we will send a copy with your seeds.

All Our Seeds Are Untreated
West Coast Seeds does not carry any treated seeds (e.g. seeds with a fungicide on them) and we do not, to the best of our knowledge, carry any Genetically Modified seeds.